WARNING: Contains spoilers for Episode 6....you have been warned! Here is a mini review of Episode 7...


Episode 7: Great and Unfortunate Things

Overcome by the pressure of Batiatus' control, Spartacus must make a choice: leave his past behind and assume the mantle of a champion gladiator, or die.

I sit here and wonder how this show does it. How in 6 episodes one can be so emotionally invested in the characters to care when one of them or two of them (in the case of Sura and Barca in Episode 6) dies. I found myself mourning their passing (more Sura than Barca).

For Sura fans can I just say (without giving too much away) that Spartacus has not forgotten her. I doubt he ever will. Sura is a part of him which is both beautiful and frightening at the same time.

This episode also gives you a closer look at Naevia (Lesley-Ann Brandt) and her love for Crixus. Beautiful scenes. Varro has troubles of his own and Pietros misses Barca, Lucretia has some girl talk with Ilythia and Batiatus continues his nasty ways and there is a battle or two along the way.

This is quite an emotional episode.

The end will leave you gobsmacked. Utterly gobsmacked. Took me totally by surprise.

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