ImageLaughing Matters: Tig Notaro
by Ben Simkins on Jan 11, 2011 • 4:37 pm


303: Departing Denver you moved to LA and became an assistant on the show Xena: warrior Princess and discovered your new career, stand-up. What drew you away from music and into comedy?

TN: I was already doing comedy when I got my job at Xena. That turned into comedy of its own, in that I was easily the world’s worst assistant. I was answering phone calls about these Xena and Hercules characters, meanwhile I had never really seen the show and was just watching the clock all day waiting to go do open mics after work. Lucy lawless tells everyone the only reason they kept me around, was because I amused everyone on the production. It was a great experience that I feel lucky to have had. It took care of me financially while I ran around the comedy club scene. When I was in Denver working in music promotion, I was really just wanting to get into comedy. It wasn’t until I moved with my two childhood friends to LA that I finally got into it. There were a million opportunities to do comedy around LA, so after watching two weeks of shows, I finally did my first open mic. I think I’m thirteen years into it now?

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