EXCLUSIVE: The Daily BLAM! was able to participate in a round-table interview with Manu Bennett, Dustin Clare, Jaime Murray & series creator Steven DeKnight who talked about the upcoming prequel, Gladiator Camp, a and small bit about season two of Blood and Sand.


Also causing mischief this season is Lucretia's college home girl Gaia played by Jaime Murray. Though she was "late to the party," as she stated due to a audition but she did answer a few questions.

Gaia is seen as the obvious troublemaker on the series this season. When asked her feelings about playing one, Jaime stated that being such is "always the best role." She also goes on to explain "I don't think Gaia sees herself as the troublemaker. I think she's gets a certain thrill over the power that she wields and generally the power that she wields cause a bit of trouble along the way." Jaime also states that she thinks her character is generally fond of her friend Lucretia and that her friendship with Lucretia may be due to Gaia being, more or less, alone in the world.

"She doesn't really have much in the world. It's a time where women had very little power in the world. They couldn't vote... they had to be married, it was really look down on for a woman to be without her husband and she finds herself alone in the world and Lucretia is all she has."

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