ImageAt the end of the first season of Spartacus, entitled Blood and Sand, it appeared that Lucretia, portrayed by Lucy Lawless, and her husband Batiatus (John Hannah), the owners of a gladiator school, the House of Batiatus, came to a gory end. Well, Batiatus did, as his head was practically severed from his body by Spartacus. But this is TV, and despite the fact that Lucretia looked virtually dead, she's coming back for season two.

In season one, Katrina Law played Mira, a slave who was forced to seduce Spartacus and become his lover, but instead helped him plot and execute the gladiators' escape from Batiatus' ludus. In season two, Spartacus: Vengeance, the gladiator rebellion continues and begins to strike terror in the heart of the Roman Republic.

Lucy and Katrina spoke with TV critics last August about the series, which premieres on Starz in January.

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