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October 2021 Archives

27 October 2021

Press Release: Rewriting Extinction and WEBTOON Team To Tackle Climate Crisis Including Lucy

WEBTOON, the world's leading webcomic platform is to partner with Rewriting Extinction, the historic global 12-month comic storytelling campaign that supports seven charitable projects tackling biodiversity and the climate crisis. The campaign has united 300 celebrities, experts, activists, indigenous leaders, and storytellers to create over 150 emotive comic stories on an environmental theme. Under this new partnership launching November 29, WEBTOON will adapt select Rewriting Extinction comics for the platform, and develop a series of brand new comics by WEBTOON creators that aim to raise awareness and funds for these initiatives.

Safely Endangered, War and Peas, Dinos and Comics, Dami Lee, Buddy Gator, Jenny Jinya, Alicia Souza, and Lunarbaboon are just some of the comic artists to have created powerful content for Rewriting Extinction, in collaboration with Cara Delevingne, Taika Waititi, Lucy Lawless, Ricky Gervais, Andy Serkis, Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Ian McKellan, Dr. Jane Goodall, and many more. Short and long-format comics are released weekly on Rewriting Extinction's social media platforms to raise funding and awareness for its mission: to provide a central platform for leading environmental charities to raise the necessary funds and awareness for seven evidence-based projects that address both the climate and biodiversity crisis. To date, the campaign has attracted over 100 million views.

From November 29, WEBTOON will curate a selection of Rewriting Extinction's standalone comics to adapt for the platform, while also developing new comics from WEBTOON creators. All comics within this series will be accessible for free, with key information about where to support these projects. The partnership will connect these important stories with WEBTOON's 72+ million monthly readers globally, and presents a pivotal juncture for Rewriting Extinction, opening it up to new-gen comic fans worldwide. A comprehensive anthology of these comics titled The Most Important Comic Book on Earth (Dorling Kindersley), will publish in the UK on October 28 and in the U.S. on November 2, with a foreword written by Scott Snyder.

Further details, including translation to local languages, will be unveiled soon. The comics will initially be available in English via and the WEBTOON app.

Commenting on the partnership, Rewriting Extinction founder Paul Goodenough says: "WEBTOON as a platform is an astounding vehicle, but key to my love for WEBTOON is that the vehicle is driven by courteous, kind, and caring people. I'm beyond proud. It's every comic creator's dream to work with WEBTOON - and together we'll be able to do more good, and reach more people, than ever before." David Lee, head of content at WEBTOON Entertainment, U.S., says: "Rewriting Extinction's mission to creatively address biodiversity and the climate crisis is innovative and inspiring, and one that resonates with many of WEBTOON's passionate and purpose-driven readers and creators. WEBTOON is proud to collaborate with Rewriting Extinction to bring these engaging stories to the platform to help raise awareness and funds for an incredible cause."





27 October 2021

Lucy Lawless Wants To Return For Xena Reboot To Pass On Mantle & Retire

Lucy Lawless sits down with Screen Rant to express her interest in returning for a Xena: Warrior Princess reboot to pass on the mantle and retire.


Sitting down with Screen Rant for the release of her animated movie, The Spine of Night, Lawless divulged her thoughts on returning for a Xena: Warrior Princess reboot. When asked about how she'd feel towards a reboot, Lawless replied saying she'd like to be included somehow. However, she'd like to find a new Xena, to which she'd "hand the breastplate over," and says she and co-star Renee O'Connor could go "settle down on Lesbos and run a B&B." View Lawless' full quote about returning for a Xena reboot below

"Well, I would like to be in some way included in finding the next one. Renee [O’Connor] and I come back as our roles, but find there is the new Xena to hand the breastplate over to or something. And then, she and I can go settle down on Lesbos and run a B&B or something."

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27 October 2021

DC: 10 TV Heroes Exactly Like Wonder Woman - Including Xena

Here's another list which features Xena. DC: 10 TV Heroes Exactly Like Wonder Woman. I have a problem with this list.

Jadzia Dax is #9? What? I love Dax, and have done so since Episode 1 of ST:DS9 but come on... Buffy is #6 - (Willow should have been on this list if they were to include Buffy The Vampire Slayer...)

Who puts these lists together! Xena below Buffy AND Dax? CJ Cregg is on the list? CJ CREGG? (I also love this character but...) Where is Ivanova of Babyon 5? How can you leave out "God"? Seriously, this is a ridiculous list.


Number 10

Xena Is An Obvious Comparison

Spun off from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Xena: Warrior Princess starred Lucy Lawless as the titular character as she worked to redeem herself for her past actions. The series, created by John Schulian and Robert Tapert, quickly became a cult hit thanks in no small part because of the fantastic work by Lawless in the role. It can be hard to look at Xena and not think of Wonder Woman. Both are characters with connections to Greek mythology, and both have become examples of strong female characters in fiction.

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19 October 2021

My Life is Murder Season 2 Episode 10 (with Renee O'Connor)

My Life is Murder Season 2 is coming to an end and of course, Renee's appearance is in the last episode.






and on Twitter...





11 October 2021

Renee and Lucy Spotted in Austin

Renee and Lucy were in Austin and Lucy posted a photo of them on her twitter account. Wonder if it has something to do with the Tiny Kitchen Cook-Off - see this article for more details about their cook off contest: Lucy and Renee Compete on Tiny Kitchen Cook-Off!

Source: Official Lucy Lawless Twitter account




11 October 2021

Lucy and Renee Compete on Tiny Kitchen Cook-Off!

Lucy and Renee will be pitted against each other in the "Tiny Kitchen Cook-Off" - Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor are on board for making Tiny Chili Cheese Nachos. I think we all know who will win this comp...

More about this event

The new Tastemade "Tiny" series, "Tiny Kitchen Cook-Off," strikes us as what you might get if "Tiny Talk" and "Tiny Kitchen" were to get married and have a baby, boasting an appetite for friendly competition among "game" celebrities. Based on the "Tiny" twins series, which have a total of more than 2 billion global views to date, according to a press release sent to Mashed, "Tiny Kitchen Cook-Off" will be hosted by Monica Padman, a producer and actress who is probably most famous for her work with creative powerhouse couple, Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell

On each episode, Radman will be interviewing two celebrity guests while they attempt to re-create some of the most iconic "Tiny" recipes. Of course, this will all take place on a tiny kitchen set that features tiny utensils and tiny ingredients. After the celebrities present their tiny creations, it will then be up to Padman to determine who, in her opinion, made the best tiny impression. The prize? A very tiny trophy.

The premise of "Tiny Kitchen Cook-Off" is that on each episode, two celebrity guests will be pitted against one another to see who can re-create the best version of one of the tiny dishes that has already been made popular by the "Tiny Talk" and "Tiny Kitchen" franchise.

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11 October 2021

Conversation with Lucy Lawless on Acorn TV My Life is Murder One of our favorite Acorn TV fans, Jameela Jamil, sat down with the wonderful Lucy Lawless to chat all things My Life is Murder! Get the inside scoop in this special candid interview. #AcornTV #MyLifeIsMurder #JameelaJamil #LucyLawless