Lucy Lawless AOL Chat Transcript
22 September 1997

AOL Chat Postcard and Lucy Autograph
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Many of you are not on AOL, so I thought I'd post the chat log...I filtered out all but the two "demigods" and LL and the questions, so...without further ado...

Not much was learned during this chat, but some people want every word our lovely lady of New Zealand has to say...And I'll say I really enjoyed "hearing" from her.

Lucy Lawless, AOL Chat on 9/22/97

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Pomond: Hello Everyone! Welcome to the chat with actress Lucy
Pomond: Lawless, who plays the mythical heroine of the hit show "Xena:
Pomond: Warrior Princess" ... as well as Betty Rizzo in the Broadway
Pomond: production of "Grease!"

Pomond: I (Pomond) will be your host today; my co-host is onstage under
Pomond: the screen name of Demigod446. Lucy is chatting via screen
Pomond: name: LucyLawls from the WPIX-TV studios in New York City.
Demigod446: For those who don’t know, Lucy is a native of Mt. Aukland,
Demigod446: New Zealand, who first caught the imagination of television
Demigod446: viewers with her portrayal of the statuesque Xena in the hit
Demigod446: series, "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys."
Demigod446: Almost six feet tall, the 29-year-old Lucy is the fifth of seven
Demigod446: children. Until the age of eight, she was very much a
Demigod446: tomboy, following in the footsteps of her four older brothers.
Demigod446: After high school, Lucy attended Aukland University for a
Demigod446: short time before her passion for adventure took her to
Demigod446: Europe. When her money ran out, she headed back to
Demigod446: Australia and worked for a gold-mining company in
Demigod446: Kalgoorie as one of the very few women miners. She did the
Demigod446: same grueling work s the men – digging, mapping and
Demigod446: driving trucks. She later returned to Australia and married,
Demigod446: where her now nine-year-old daughter Daisy was born.
Demigod446: Lucy’s a natural for the difficult physical challenges that the
Demigod446: role of Xena demands. She trains with martial arts master
Demigod446: Douglas Wong for the intricate martial arts moves, sword
Demigod446: play and stunt work on the show. In additon to her physical
Demigod446: prowess, Lucy also has an aptitude for languages -- she
Demigod446: speaks English, German, French and some Italian. She’s
Demigod446: also studied opera for several years and reportedly has a
Demigod446: passion for jazz music.
Pomond: Lucy, welcome to this chat!
LucyLawls: hey everyone
Pomond: How are you doing today?
LucyLawls: box of birds

Pomond: Sounds like a "can of worms" :-)
LucyLawls: it means that's good I am feeling great$done
Pomond: Lucy, before we go directly to questions and comments from
Pomond: your fans, we wanted to ask you a question or two of our own ...
Pomond: Lucy, we understand that you’re currently playing the role of
Pomond: Rizzo in the musical "Grease!" through Oct. 19 at the Eugene
Pomond: O’Neill Theater in New York City. How did you originally land
LucyLawls: yes
Pomond: this role?
LucyLawls: a producer spotted me on Rosie O'Donnell and offered me the part
even though at that stage
LucyLawls: they had not seen Xena before
Demigod446: She just can't get away from those bad girl roles!
Pomond: :-)
LucyLawls: Who'd want to
Pomond: :-0
Pomond: OK, I've got another question for ya ...
Pomond: The character of Xena has been called a feminist icon for the
Pomond: 90s. How do you feel about being cast in the position of a role
Pomond: model, especially for girls and young women?
LucyLawls: whoa
LucyLawls: it is an honor to be a part of something that has such a positive
influence on other peopl
LucyLawls: especially young women and women in their forties
LucyLawls: who are perhaps re-entering the workfroce or breaking away from an
abusiver relationship
LucyLawls: but I am just as pleased that young men are at last seeing a new
LucyLawls: of women in television
Pomond: Many people may not realize that you had a big say in Xena’s
Pomond: original appearance and character (for instance, your push for
Pomond: Xena to have black hair, rather than the original blond.) Do you
Pomond: feel that your career and the popularity of Xena have changed
Pomond: attitudes in the TV industry about how heroines are portrayed?
LucyLawls: I think it may have encouraged a swing towards some sort of
equality in terms of
LucyLawls: who stars in a show but they are still reluctant to follow us into
the female action hero
LucyLawls: realm
Pomond: You're definitely blazing a new path.
Demigod446: Brunettes are better than blondes anyway!
LucyLawls: I personally feel that women are the largest growing
LucyLawls: i know this sounds silly but
LucyLawls: power base in terms of who is holding the remote in the home
LucyLawls: whether they are Hispanic African-American, gay... women are
starting to find themselves
LucyLawls: represented
Demigod446: well put :)
Pomond: Lucy, we have A TON of people here to see you. ...
Pomond: Let's go to some questions from users!
Pomond: "Gabby8457" would like to know ...
Question: What is it like to be a single mother and have to raise a young
LucyLawls: i am not raising her alone, she has an excellent father with whom
I share custody
Demigod446: She's a mum of all trades!
Pomond: OK, here's another question from a user; this one from "Trellopa"
Question: Can we purchase a recording of Grease with you singing on it?
LucyLawls: not at this stage

Pomond: I've got a question about your musical tastes ...
Pomond: We’ve heard that you’re a big fan of music, especially jazz and
Pomond: opera. If you could master one musical instrument, what would it
Pomond: be and why would you choose it?
LucyLawls: I sing on the animated feature coming out in January
LucyLawls: hmmmm
Pomond: That's yet another singing excursion.
LucyLawls: i guess the violin because it can make you cry
Pomond: It DOES sound a lot like the human voice ...
LucyLawls: or the piano- i'd like to play honky-tonk piano
Demigod446: A warrior psrincess who's sensitive, too!
Pomond: All right -- we have another user question, this one from "Aryella9"
Question: Hi Lucy! Have you found Grease fun? And what, if any, challenges
have presented
Question: themselves in playing the character of Rizzo?
Also, I hear there is to be a costume change in
Question: the 3rd season for your character Xena. Do you like the new or the
old costume?
LucyLawls: yes Grease is fun, especially now
LucyLawls: now that I am not spending every waking moment in fear and
trembling that I have to
LucyLawls: go on stage every night
Demigod446: I'll bet you were a natural for a the fast-talking part of Rizzo!
LucyLawls: i like the old costume but its not audience friendly
Pomond: ... after you got over your stage fright, that is.
LucyLawls: it is not a hero's costume
LucyLawls: it's for a bad ass chick
Pomond: :-0
LucyLawls: but don't worry Xena hasn't thrown it out yet
Pomond: Remind me to have Xena on my side the next time I'm in a fight ...
Pomond: :-)
Pomond: All right, "RLD1963" would like to know ...
Question: how long does it take to film a episode?
LucyLawls: on average, eight days
LucyLawls: we film thirty-two weeks a year
Pomond: Lucy, "Mansuetud" would like to know ...
Demigod446: I'll bet you're glad it's close to your home and family in
Question: I am a 13 year old girl, have a brown belt in karate, and Xena is
my hero. I collect
Question: your comics, and am wondering if you are coming out with a movie.
LucyLawls: hmmm
LucyLawls: it would have to be a REALLY great premise and I would have to be
able to have a holiday
LucyLawls: as working 18 months-solid would kill me
Pomond: All right, here's another question from a user ...
Pomond: This one comes from "Lycanthra":
Question: Lucy, Do you have any input into the scripts and development of
your character? If
Question: so, how much?
LucyLawls: ummm, my input into scripts is negligible apart from on the day of
filming when we
LucyLawls: can ad lib
LucyLawls: but really the writers and producers don't need my help, frankly,
I am too busy trying to
LucyLawls: uphold my end
LucyLawls: of the bargain
LucyLawls: as an actress to worry about tooling around in their business
LucyLawls: my job keeps me plenty busy
Pomond: All right; we have another question. "Rugrat206" would like to know
Lpontes: (29)Oh no ball
Question: Lucy would you be offended if I told you I loved you? : )
Lpontes: (29)not that nao
Demigod446: I'm sure you have a lot of fans who feel that way! :)
LucyLawls: thank you very much
Pomond: Onward to the next question!
Pomond: "JudyWN" asks:
Question: Hi Lucy, you are doing a great job in Grease i was wondering if
you have been able to
Question: enjoy New York while you have been there or is it all bussness?
LucyLawls: i am beginning to now
LucyLawls: i can relax because I know what my job is now, my daughter and her
cousin have arrived
LucyLawls: so I am having excellent quality family time with them which
always relaxes me
Pomond: Here's another user question ...
Pomond: This comes from "Animorph1" ...
Question: What similaurities do you have with Xena warrior Princess?
LucyLawls: hmm
LucyLawls: Xena comes out of me, but she is not the whole story
Pomond: Let's move on to a question from "ErthCross" ...
Question: Lucy- Do you belive in Greek Mythology?
LucyLawls: The older I get the more like Xena become, I am becoming testier
LucyLawls: more taciturn and I only say what I think
LucyLawls: NO!
Pomond: (Folks, she's referring to the question from "ErthCross")
Pomond: All right, Lucy. I wanted to ask you a question ...
Pomond: As I’m sure you’re aware, "Xena ..." has a huge following in the
Pomond: lesbian community. How has this attraction affected the show,
Pomond: and do you and the show’s producers try to address it within the
Pomond: story?
LucyLawls: go head
LucyLawls: not really
LucyLawls: when it was brought to our attention we thought it was an amusing
parallel and
LucyLawls: had a bit of fun with it, but the show is not about sexuality
LucyLawls: and it
LucyLawls: realies on great stories with heart, it is about friendship and
Demigod446: How sweet :)
LucyLawls: we leave it to the audience to make what they want of it
LucyLawls: it is their show
Pomond: All right. Let's go back to user questions ...
Pomond: This comes from "Animorph1" ...
Question: How does the Bid work???
Lpontes: (29)You wanna ge married?
Pomond: Oops; sorry -- wrong question.
Pomond: Let's move on.
Pomond: This question comes from "TTholl 42" ...
Question: How many seasons do they plan to continue airing XENA
LucyLawls: as long as we make it
LucyLawls: at least until the year 2000
Demigod446: Great! :)
Pomond: Hey, with ratings like "Xena," you could make it to 3,000 ...
Pomond: :-)
LucyLawls: LOL
Pomond: Here's another question. This one comes from "Mchakram" ...
Question: Which do you like doing better, Xena or Broadway?
LucyLawls: Xena, I love Broadway but the constant challenge of Xena means
that I will be
LucyLawls: anxious to get back to New Zealand
Pomond: I'll bet! Your homeland ...
Pomond: Actually, we have a New Zealand-esque question for you from "Adora96"
Question: What is your favorite New Zealand food?
LucyLawls: Hmmmm
LucyLawls: New Zealand Cadbury's chocolate, vegimite
Demigod446: I'll bet you love croisus, too.
Pomond: vegimite? Sounds pretty dubious to me ...
LucyLawls: our food is exactly like the food you have here it is no different
Pomond: OK. Here's a question for you from "E2JORL":
Question: Hi Lucy! Can I touch your chakrum? :D Please describe you
off-screen relationship with
Question: Renee O'Connor. Good? Bad? Indifferent? Selling tickets to the cat
LucyLawls: Renee is the best friend that have on the set, she rang me before
my first performance
LucyLawls: on Grease she is often the first person I think to call when I am
about to do something
LucyLawls: scary... like the first time I went on Letterman
Pomond: did you call her before that appearance on Leno? (the one where
Pomond: you injured yourself)
LucyLawls: no perhaps I should have things might have turned out differently
Pomond: All right. Here's another user question.
Pomond: This comes from "Clarkerx" ....
Question: Will Xena have anymore episodes with Hercules this season? I love
LucyLawls: YES but i crossed over into Herc
LucyLawls: I paly a type of gangster's moll
LucyLawls: in an alternative universe where is Aries is the God of LOOOOOOVE
Pomond: That's weird! Love and war going hand in hand ...
Demigod446: :)
LucyLawls: where Herc is evil and Xena is an even more low-rent version and
LucyLawls: version
LucyLawls: of Meg
Pomond: Awwww, I wouldn't call Xena "low rent"!!!!!
Pomond: :-)
Demigod446: low rent but loveable
LucyLawls: It is Xena 2: In an Alternative Universe
Pomond: Lucy, we're running out of time, unfortunately.
Pomond: Let's go to one more user question ...
Pomond: This question comes from "FoodSrvEq" ...
Question: Is it uncomfortable being so physical in those outtfits you have to
wear in character?
LucyLawls: no they are perfectly crafted fighting togs
LucyLawls: we worked out all the bugs
Pomond: ;-)
Pomond: I just want to mention a couple things before we finish this off ...
Pomond: Folks, if you want to sign up for an autographed picture of Lucy
Pomond: on location at the chat studio in New York City, just send an
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Pomond: Lucy, it has truly been a pleasure having you here with us.
Pomond: Do you have any final comments?
LucyLawls: Thanks very much hanging around
LucyLawls: I know I have only answered a few of your questions
Pomond: BTW, thousands of users came to this event. The online universe
loves you!
LucyLawls: but I appreciate you taking the time to logon
LucyLawls: God Bless, see you on the Box
Pomond: THANK YOU Lucy!
Demigod446: Thanks for stopping by Lucy! We wish you the best.
Pomond: Let's have some applause for Lucy!
Pomond: <APPLAUSE>
Demigod446: More applause!
Pomond: Everyone, thanks for coming to the chat with Lucy Lawless! We
Pomond: hope you enjoyed this event, and that you come back soon for
Pomond: more great online programming!