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Lucy Lawless: "Critics are too uptight for Spartacus!"
Interview with Lucy Lawless

14 June 2010

Translation by Valerie / Submitted by Adi

Original article in French is located here


The actress divulges that she will be back in the prequel and in season 2 of Spartacus.

Irresistible Lucy Lawless ! Ití an amazing actress that weíve discovered this morning at the Monte Carlo festival. Smouldering (glowing) eyes, femme fatale, funny and warm: an incredible ďlittleĒ woman (affectionate in French).

"I have too much personality and presence for the big networks"

Lucy Lawless reveals that her husband, who is executive producer of the show, offered her the role of Lucretia in Spartacus : Blood and Sand, despite some hesitations because of the naked scenes, obviously. Impish, the former heroine of Xena plays with me during the interview. Thus, when you tell her that itís amazing to see her in that role, she replies by another question: "Really? So what did you expect me in?"

"I knew this show would be a whole new way to do television, itís an extraordinary role", she added, "Itís a kind of Lady Macbeth role. Every actress would dream of such a role." Lucy Lawless then came back at length on her career. Thus, when I ask her if she always chose strong women roles, she passes the buck: "Itís wrong, when I have the opportunity to play a powerless woman, a dead loss, or with an addiction, I jump for it! When I played in Flight of the Conchords, my character was nothing, I was boring, I was hopeless. And I loved it !"

Lucy Lawless admitted however that all the main characters she played were very charismatic: "The shows are picking me. I am "too much" for the big networks. I have too much presence for their kind of shows. Or else, Iím not American enough, I donít know. But I donít have my place on that type of channels. In this Comic Con world? I am a goddess!And these fans are wonderful".

"Iíll be back in season 2 of Spartacus : Blood and Sand"

When I asked her if sheíll be back in season 2 of Spartacus : Blood and Sand, with regards to what happens to her character at the end of season 1, she whispers to me: "Iím going to tell you... Yes, Iíll be back !". Suddenly, her press agent turns around and tells her off. Lawless pulls herself together: "Uh, no, no... I donít know. I donít know what to say anymore. Was it a secret?", she asks her press agent laughing. She confirms that she will be also present in the prequel of Spartacus : Blood and Sand.

We talk then about more serious matters. I mention the critics to Lucy Lawless, who reproach the show claiming itís only about sex and violence. She answers "They are clearly not watching the showĽ, "Do you know what I answer them? If those kinds of scenes make you nervous, you shouldnít be watching the show. Under any circumstance, donít watch the show! Itís only for adults!"

"We donít see anything in the sex scenes of Spartacus !"

She carries on: "In the sex scenes, you donít see as much as you think you see. Your imagination does the rest. Actually, we donít see anything! But it is very difficult to shoot; there is a very disturbing bourgeois side. But itís important for the characters and for the story."

Lucy Lawless said she is delighted by the incredible audience of the show: "We are very proud of the show. The scriptwriters do an incredible casting; we knew we were going to do something unique. We could never have done this show a few years ago, with such special effects for a television budget."

The actress confides that the HBO show, Rome, opens the doors for them: "My husband always wanted to do a show on this period. When he saw Rome, he  was heartbroken for not being able to do it but we loved the show. Then when we saw 300, we said "Thatís what we want to do, we want to use this technology." We then looked for people who believed in us, who were willing to fund the project. And Starz had the guts to do it".

"The shooting of X-Files was a nightmare!"

Time was running out, my fanís heart preferred to talk about Lucy Lawlessís experience in X-Files rather than in Xena. "Oh my god, X-Files, I canít even remember my character!", she answered, very surprised at my question; "However, I remember I was pregnant during the filming. We had to shoot a whole night underwater, in a huge tank. We probably stayed in there for 6 hours, with very little oxygen. It was very difficult!"

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