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Lesbian News

Volume 28: Number 6

January 2003

Many thanks to Wendy for the scans

Lucy Lawless

In an exclusive interview the actress talks about life after Xena,
love, and her lesbian fans

by Lori Medigovich

For six long years, lesbians around the nation looked to any clue that theirs was a lesbian relationship. They teased us when they gazed lovingly, even longingly into each other's eyes. They teased us even they gently and tenderly embraced. They teased us when they talked so devotedly about each other. When we thought we could finally prove that, yes, they are lesbians, we ran to the Internet to pore over the latest evidence with similarly devoted fans.

Finally, as our heroines shared one last, dripping kiss, we thought that certainly they had proven their lesbian love on national television for the world to see. And yet, when Xena, the Warrior Princess and her comrade, Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor), ended their reign on the small screen, we still weren't completely sure about the full nature of their relationship. Until now.

Because now, Lucy Lawless, the actress we loved to watch while dressed up in the amazing Xena chest plate, short skirt and other revealing accoutrements, has outed her former alter ego. When asked during a recent exclusive telephone interview from her home in New Zealand how she would characterize the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, Lawless is quick and simple in her reply to Lesbian News. "Gay, Gay," she says, "Definitely."


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