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TV Shows - 2005

Interview by Carole Hirschfield, with Lucy Lawless and Rob Tapert on the red carpet at The Boogeyman premiere in Auckland - 30 March 2005


TV Shows - 2004

Havoc Quality Time - Transcript
Lucy appeared on this interview show and she's in bed with the host throughout the interview. Lucy talks about what brought her back to NZ, the issue of naked and doctored pictures of her on the net which she finds funny and she printed out a few to show around. She said that she didn't have the time or the energy to chase these people up and just found it amusing. They briefly discussed the Vagina Monologues and what Lucy is doing now.

Lucy on NZ Idol as a Guest Judge:
The Idol Blog has a commentary on the show and what Lucy was wearing: black jeans and an 80s looking black tshirt with pink flowers on it. She says something about putting a personal spin on the songs.
Click here to read the Idol Blog commentary and Lucy Quotes- 2 May 2005

TV Shows - 2003

Edwards At Large - 9 August 2003 - Transcript by Richard K

The Late Late Late Show in Ireland - 23 May 2003.(Ireland) Transcribed by MiL

V Graham Norton Show with Lucy (UK) - transcribed by Barbara

TV3 News transcript reporting on the name change for the Starship Hospital and a reaction from Lucy about the name change (New Zealand)

TV Shows 

TV Transcripts - 2002

transcript of Lucy's tribute on the Holmes Show - 18 February 2002

Lucy is interviewed on Enteraintment Tonight (4 February US/5 February Aus). In the interview she reveals that she suffered a miscarriage between the end of Xena and her current pregnancy. It was also implicated that at some point there was a worry about her current pregnancy.
ET Online has a snippet of the interview on video and transcript

TV Transcripts - 2001

TV 1 Transcript - March 29, 2001 - The end of the show

transcript of TV3 News - The last day of filming on Xena and fixed link to screengrabs

On the weekend in the UK there was a show called Top Ten TV Sex Bombs which interviewed Lucy, Rob, Renee and Ted Raimi. Added transcript of the show by Barbara Davies

Added link to the transcript of Chris Carter's online chat where the first question is about Lucy.  Many thanks to Crys for the info. 

Added link to Entertainment Tonight for those of us who missed Lucy's interview (like America) Tuesday night.  Many thanks to Angie for the link. 

Lucy talks about life after Xena with Oxygen. Check out the transcript and video

Live Today with Susan Wood - Interview with Lucy Lawless - 25 July 2001

Lucy on The Late Show with Conan O'Brien - 24 June 2001

Transcript of Lucy Lawless on Live with Regis - 21 June 2001

CNN Live Today show with Lucy Lawless

TV Transcripts - 2000

Politically Incorrect with guest Lucy Lawless

TV Transcripts - 1999
Lucy in Nelson, NZ, May 30th, 1999 at the reopening and 100 years celebrations of the Suter Art Museum - Report and pictures by Liz from the event
Lucy appears on The Staying In Show - August 25, 1999 in the UK
Lucy interview on Entertainment Tonight - 5 February 1999

TV Transcripts - 1998

Herc & Xena Battle On Marathon on USA - Lucy Hosting
NZ TV Guide Awards - 14 November 1998
Love Hurts - Lucy Lawless presented Documentary on NZ TV about Child Abuse
E! Online - June 1998

TV Transcripts - 1997

The Jay Leno Show page - Out of Bodice Appearance
Lucy on Comedy Central's The Daily Show - 22 October 1997
Lucy Lawless on the Holmes show, TV1, Thursday 29/10/97
(NZ) The Holmes Show interview with Lucy Lawless
Regis & Kathie Lee Show - Interview (!) with Renee
Regis & Kathie Lee Show - Interview with Lucy
TV Show Interview: Ducks and Red Wings Hockey Game - May 1997
CNN Showbiz Today, July 10, 1997 - Interview with Lucy & Kevin
Showbiz interview on CNN with Lucy - main story
Auckland (NZ) TV Interview with Lucy
Transcript of Canadian TV Interview with Lucy on January 7, 1997 

TV Transcripts - 1996

Canadian Global Television Network show, ENTERTAINMENT DESK - 31 December 1996

WGN Interview with Lucy - 14 August 1996