Lucy Lawless


LUCY LAWLESS  Warrior Women Documentary
Role: Narrator / Presenter
Airdate: 2003 on Discovery Channel

Warrior Women: Lozen, Apache Warrior

Warrior Women: Lozen, Apache Warrior - As a young girl, Lozen decided that tidying up the tent and cooking buffalo stew wasn't for her, and she was in constant trouble for beating up her brother, the mighty Apache warrior Victorio. As she reached puberty, she wandered off alone into the desert and discovered her special powers. Holding her hands aloft to the heavens, her palms started tingling in the direction of the enemy. Equipped with this metaphysical radar and a healthy thirst for revenge, she became Victorio's right-hand tactician. She was an expert on horseback, and a great dancer who led the war party in pre-raid festivities. Balancing her dual role as priestess and warrior eventually got the better of her when she was away delivering a baby in a distant village and her brother was killed in a surprise attack.

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