Lucy Lawless


LUCY LAWLESS  Warrior Women Documentary
Role: Narrator / Presenter
Airdate: 2003 on Discovery Channel

Warrior Women: Episode 4: Wang Cong'er - The Real Mulan

200 years ago a young woman brought the greatest empire in Asia to its knees. She was a master of kung fu and held the respect of 60,000 warriors who followed her unquestioningly into battle. Their enemy was the brutal and corrupt Qing dynasty — a dynasty they were determined to overthrow. The fate of China was in one woman's hands. Her name was Wang Cong'er. Is she the real Mulan? Well, there is much debate about whether Mulan ever really existed but there is no doubt that the tradition of women warriors is woven into the fabric of Chinese history. And the most remarkable of them all was Wang Cong'er.

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Screengrabs Contributed by Mike Quick



“Lucy Lawless of Xena fame presents a profile of Wang Cong’er the real  Mulan, who challenged the emperor of China in her search for justice”
(Discovery Channel)

Wang Cong’er went from rags to riches, from a teenage street entertainer to a martial artist expert and eventually to lead an army into war against the
emperor. Not a happy story like you would expect from Disney, Wang met a tragic end; this unique story really touched me, Lucy delivered it was
emotion and respect for a terrific and brave young woman.

What was great about this episode was that Lucy demonstrated the sword techniques Wang used and even practised martial arts. Wearing a dark blue
kung fu uniform Lucy was taught some weapons techniques. She seemed to really love this, when showed a particular move she joked ‘did you make that up?’ Lucy later had a brief fight demonstration with her instructor; she seems to take to these things like she was made for them. This episode
really reminded me of Xena; I couldn’t help but think ‘Xena’ was doing the documentary. Lucy demonstrated how Wang used two swords at one point she even rode a horse while demonstrating.

What I love about 'Warrior Women' is that the show didn’t just pick out a celebrity to run the whole thing: experts are used and the show actually
travels to the places where the events happened. Lucy was fantastic as always, I wish we could see her in more fighting roles she seems to really
take to them. It was such a joy to see her in this episode.

- Grace Halden