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 “I’d urge anyone who wants to protect our coasts from an even worse oil spill than that which we saw in Tauranga, to sign this petition. By doing so, they’ll also be doing something positive about the climate crisis that this planet is facing." 
Lucy Lawless

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15 November 2011

Just received the following from Lucy and it's a message to the NZ Government in regard to saying no to deep sea oil drilling.

Dear New Zealand Government,

I and many other New Zealanders are putting you on notice that your courting Deep Sea Oil Drillers is totally unacceptable to us.

[the Brazilian oil company that is intending to drill for oil in up to 3100 metres of water off the East Cape, is the part-owner of an oil field northeast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where a serious oil leak has developed] already has an uncontrollable leak off their own coast which is spewing filth into their own marine environment.

Why are you giving offshore oil companies carte blanche to risk OUR fisheries, OUR coastal way of life, OUR clean green brand upon which all our premium exports rely?

Do you work for us or for them?!

Your answer, please?

Lucy Lawless

The petition exists in hard copy form, and online at: http://greenpe.ac/nodeepseaoil






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