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Special: Lucy Lawless Feel The Love Week (Annually 21-28 September)

Lucy Lawless Conventions - 1997-2014

The following images are from various public premieres and events Lucy has attended.
Credit for the photos and copyright remains with the respective photographers.
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16 June 2015

Bloomsday Lucy Shouts The Bar Guardian 15 June 2015

Image635700395924575271It’s that time of year again when fans around the world are celebrating James Joyce’s Ullysses. Lucy took part last year in Auckland and from what was written in the Guardian, everyone had a great time! You can also check out the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Event page for more pics and news

Auckland, New Zealand

Usually, says Dean Parker, he helps stage a musical show in Auckland’s red light district: a three-hour musical cabaret of dramatised episodes from Ulysses. Last year was a “stunning, jam-packed success”, with Lucy Lawless, aka Xena Warrior Princess, reading Molly Bloom’s soliloquy. “By the time of the soliloquy the audience was pretty liquored up as Lawless (who’s from a prominent Auckland Irish family) had whacked a thousand bucks down on the bar for Guinness and shorts. One of the cast reported he’d been outside having a smoke when a punter burst out into the street hollering, ‘They’re giving away the beer in there!’” he says.

This year, they’re sticking to songs and readings in the Thirsty Dog pub, due to “exhaustion and over-commitments elsewhere”. It’s “next to Suzie Wong’s Massage Parlour”, he adds








30 May 2015

Awesome Lucy Message to Ill Fan and Their Response

Sometimes it’s just the simple things that are the most important and one simple gesture from Lucy was all it took – seconds of her time to give to someone some happiness. Awesome doesn’t begin to cover it. Andi is a cancer patient and a Lucy fan. Her friends got together and asked Lucy to send a message to their friend. Lucy did and this is the result.

Lucy Lawless sends message to Andi Sorrell to get well!

GUYS THIS IS THE VIDEO LUCY SENT TO ANDI... THANK YOU ANDI FOR SHARING IT WITH US!!!!! :)))Ella dice... Hola Andi esta es Lucy Lawless de Xena La Princesa Guerrera y yo solo quería enviarte un mensaje a través de este video ya que estoy aqui en New Zealand trabajando en un show y estoy por tomar un avión para ir de regreso a Louisiana y solo quería tomar un minuto rápido para enviartelo con todo mi amor porque escuche que no te has estado sintiendo bien últimamente pero yo se que tu puedes vencer esto, toma tu medicina y continúa respirando todos estamos apoyandote .. con mucho amor.. besitos

Posted by Ana K Guzmán on Thursday, May 28, 2015


and now Andi’s response and if this doesn’t make you tear up, nothing will. Get well soon Andi!

Lucy Lawless of XENA and SALEM surprises Andi, a young cancer patient with a well wish. Thanks to Suzanne Keilly, Andi's friends and of course the beautiful Lucy Lawless, for bringing a smile to Andi's face. It really starts at 1:34




28 May 2015

More Photos of Lucy at Xenapolooza II from Facebook and Twitter

More Photos!

Photo by: Beverly Balcom



Photos by: Photographic Arts by M.C. Rollo








Photos by Stan Carpenter










26 May 2015

Lucy Pics at #Xenapalooza Event Instagram

Here’s a round up of photos from the Xenapalooza Event from Instagram


Maccentric owner Thomas Avallone and customer Walter Johnson with Salem's Lucy Lawless #salem #lucylawless #maccentric

A photo posted by Maccentric (@maccentric_aasp) on

#lucylawless in #Shreveport #Louisiana #Salem #WitchWar @thereallucylawless

A photo posted by @lucylawlesspics on

#lucylawless in #Shreveport #Louisiana #Salem #WitchWar @thereallucylawless

A photo posted by @lucylawlesspics on

#lucylawless with a fan in #Shreveport#Louisiana#Salem#WitchWar@thereallucylawless

A photo posted by @lucylawlesspics on

#LucyLawless #Shreveport #Xenapaloosa

A photo posted by Na Dine (@medusa0304) on

I love LucyLawless! She's the SweetestThing! #Xenapalooza #SalemCrew

A photo posted by andrea {lala} (@ladylovemouser) on


A picture of a picture of a picture taken by Lucy Lawless. #lucylawless #xenapalooza

A photo posted by Robert Dunlap (@dobby218) on


I love LUCY #lucylawless #xenapalooza #shreveport

A photo posted by MelBaby Disedare (@mdise) on




30 April 2015

Lucy Photos: Xenapaloosa at The Shop 26 April 2015

April 26, 2015 party hosted by Mark Cheveallier with Lucy Lawless!!

Xenapaloosa at The Shop 26 April 2015


More Photos can be found here:


Find out more about Lucy's new recurring role as Countess Marburg in Salem by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Salem Subsite





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