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Special: Lucy Lawless Feel The Love Week (Annually 21-28 September)

Lucy Lawless Conventions - 1997-2014

The following images are from various public premieres and events Lucy has attended.
Credit for the photos and copyright remains with the respective photographers.
For Charity / Social Campaigns that Lucy is involved in please see the Lucy Charity / Awareness Subsite




21 September 2014

High Tea for WORLD Silver Jubilee Auckland 17 September + Scan from Herald on Sunday

Image635468805128699405Lucy attended the High Tea for WORLD Silver Jubilee in Auckland on 17 September 2014. Also present was Brad Clark, CEO of Starship Foundation, Dame Rosie Horton (a huge Starship supporter and an incredibly wonderful lady) and Andrea Newland from Starship. The photo to the left was released by the Langham Hotel

WORLD passed cucumber sandwiches and passed on the theatrics at its autumn/winter 15 collection presentation at The Langham. WORLD is known for putting on bedazzling style spectaculars exploding with crystals, glitter and big hair but yesterday the innovative fashion brand served high tea instead during the presentation its autumn/winter 15 collection with an intimate salon-style show this week at The Langham, Auckland. The elegant affair was entirely appropriate considering WORLD is celebrating its silver jubilee (25 years in business). The clothing, however, still spoke volumes – powerful and slimming silhouettes, punchy geometric prints and head-turning headwear. A contemporary modern wardrobe of sophisticated suiting, Hollywood glamour and a dash of playfulness. Read more


heraldonsunday210914Lucy at the event – scan from Herald on Sunday 21 September 2014







20 September 2014

NZ Election with Lucy News and Pics Roundup #1

Image635468395846904568Over in New Zealand they had their general election. As I’m writing this, National Party with John Key is winning the majority of seats needed to form government.

Lucy is with the Green Party HQ waiting for the results. Lucy started the day relaxing as she posted some photos from her home and very fluffy slippers.


Twitter and Other Media:



TV3 News Live Blogging the Election

At the Green Party’s function at Auckland’s Hopetoun Alpha, the crowd has become tense. The earlier cheering and grinning among the crowd has given way to folded arms and pensive expressions as they hover around 10 percent of the party vote.

The party hasn’t given up hope of beating its 2011 result of 11 percent, which saw it bring 14 MPs into Parliament.

MC Rick Leckinger has told the crowd “the night is still young”.

Read more:





18 September 2014


18 September 2014

Upcoming Radio Interview in Sydney for The Code 19 September 2014


Lucy will be on her phone to Sydney radio station TripleJ The Doctor program between 3 to 5:30 pm SYDNEY time to promote Sunday’s premiere of the first episode of The Code in Australia. This will be tomorrow 19 September.

The Code will be able to be seen on the ABC and on iView on Sunday 21 September 2014 at 8:30 pm

If you can’t listen in because you should be asleep at that time in your neck of the woods, Triple J does post their interviews online to listen and download.

It's the DOCTOR 's last day before 2 weeks of holiday... find out who's hosting the show today.
Plus LUCY LAWLESS is on talking about her new ABC tv show, THE CODE (you might know her from things like Xena Warrior Princess, cough cough).


Listen in live or wait for the interview to be posted


More news and multimedia (when it becomes available) of Lucy in The Code can be found on the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless The Code Subsite



10 September 2014

Photo and Video from An Evening of Poetry, Prose and Performance 7 September 2014

More multimedia related to NZ Greens event: An Evening of Poetry, Prose and Performance 7 September 2014 that Lucy attended.

You can see more photos from there event here: Lucy at NZ Greens Event: An Evening of Poetry, Prose and Performance 7 September 2014




The crew I introduced as MC at a recent Green Party fundraiser, Eleanor Catton, Lucy Lawless, Metiria Turei, Geoff Chapple, Kath Akuhata Brown, Steven Toussaint, Courtney Meredith, Jack McDonald, Denise Roche, Craig. It was a fantastic night. Check out the Steve Braunias campaign diary take on it very funny

Photo courtesy of Bruce Hopkins

Facebook Timeline Photo




Video uploaded by Craig Neilson – he and Lucy perform “You’re The One That I Want” from Grease!





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