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Special: Lucy Lawless Feel The Love Week (Annually 21-28 September)

Lucy Lawless Conventions - 1997-2014

The following images are from various public premieres and events Lucy has attended.
Credit for the photos and copyright remains with the respective photographers.
For Charity / Social Campaigns that Lucy is involved in please see the Lucy Charity / Awareness Subsite




20 July 2014

Video Updates

Updates to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Video Section


Save The Arctic Lego
Posted on: 20th July 2014

Save The Arctic Lego

In 2012 actor Lucy Lawless and Greenpeace activists occupied a Shell drillship for nearly four days as it was about to leave NZ to drill for oil in the fragile Arctic. Now Shell is putting its logo all over kids’ toys to help pretend it’s a caring, family-friendly company. So we’ve repeated our 2012 protest [...]


1999 Santa Monica Xena Convention with Lucy
Posted on: 20th July 2014

1999 Santa Monica Xena Convention with Lucy

Lucy Lawless – Xena Convention Santa Monica 1999 (1/1) For more info and pics from this convention go to The Guests: LUCY LAWLESS & KEVIN SORBO Also Appearing: Saturday: Alexandra Tydings (Aphrodite), Joel Tobeck (Strife), Gina Torres (Nebula And Cleopatra) (Tentative), And Ryan Gosling (Young Hercules) And Chris Conrad (Young Jason), Plus Alex Kurtzman [...]


1997 Xena Convention Lucy On Stage
Posted on: 20th July 2014

1997 Xena Convention Lucy On Stage

This was the first Official Xena Convention held in January 1997 with Lucy’s first appearance. Notes from original uploader: Quality is rather low but that is because of the source – it is this bad on the DVD as well



17 July 2014

Official Greenpeace Photos of Lucy at Climate Voter Launch 22 June 2014

Lucy Lawless at the launch of Climate Voter in Auckland. Climate Voter is an initiative to empower New Zealanders concerned about climate change to use their vote in the September 2014 election to make a difference for the good of present and future generations. It is run by a non-partisan initiative alliance of New Zealand organisations - Greenpeace, Oxfam, Generation Zero, Forest & Bird, WWF and 350 Aotearoa‘.

For more information about Climate Voter go to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Climate Voter Subsite





What is "Climate Voter"?
Being a Climate Voter means you care about climate change and you want all political parties to do something about it. It means you want real action on climate change and you're prepared to use your vote to get it. It says you support strategies to rapidly phase out fossil fuels and grow New Zealand's clean energy and low-carbon potential.

Climate Voter is a non-partisan initiative powered by an alliance of New Zealand organisations. It aims to empower climate concerned citizens to use their vote in the September 2014 election to make a difference for the good of present and future generations.
In the lead up to the election we will be asking political parties where they stand on key elements of climate related policy with a #ClimateVoter question of the week. Near election day we will host a live debate between all major political parties inviting them to convince Climate Voters that their party will take real action on climate change.



21 June 2014

Warrior Princess Morphs Into Molly Bloom NZ Herald 21 June 2014


The NZ Herald has a review of the Bloomsday event on 16 June in Auckland where Lucy read Molly Bloom.

On Monday's rainy night, exactly 110 years to the day since James Joyce's Leopold Bloom supposedly took an odyssey around Dublin, I pushed open the door to the Thirsty Dog on Karangahape Rd and fell into Ireland. Or rather, I fell into what the Jews Brothers Band called "the only Jewish-Catholic convocation in the known world", their chaotic celebration of Bloomsday, crowded by poets, musicians, unionists, sociologists and (other) old codgers.

Janet McAllister writes about Lucy’s performance:

After nearly three hours of slapstick, Lawless finally came up onstage as the faithless, disappointed wife Molly Bloom. Without affectation, she became still, and so did the previously raucous room. It would have been easy at a pub jolly for an actor to self-consciously curl her lip at the naughty bits for easy laughs, but Lawless didn't do that, and her Molly didn't "put on" sexy. Instead, at a microphone in street clothes, reading from Joyce's text, Lawless gave the best live performance I've seen her give. She nailed talking about being nailed.


Read the full article on the NZ Herald Site



18 June 2014

Screencaps & Video–Lucy Reading Molly Bloom at Bloomsday Cabaret 16 June

Here’s some of Lucy’s performance on Monday night’s Bloomsday cabaret. I’ve cleaned up the footage from the video and turned them into b/w snaps








17 June 2014

Video and Screencaps: Lucy at Bloomsday at Thirsty Dog Tavern 16 June 2014

Lucy was at the Thirsty Dog Tavern in Auckland yesterday for the Bloomsday Cabaret where she read from James Joyce's Ulysses. Lucy Tweeted before the event. Here’s a video of the performance (or some of the performance)



and some screencaptures from the video by Thirsty Dog Cafe

Here are some screencaps (very grainy) of Lucy at the end of the video




WATCH THE VIDEO via Facebook. Lucy can be seen at the end of the video - very grainy.






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