Lucy In Concert
Roxy Theater
25 & 26 January 2008


Song List:

Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?/Heartache Tonight (medley)
Walkin' After Midnight
Beautiful Mistake
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around
Kiss You All Over
A Love Song
Winner at a Losing Game
New and Beautiful
Wide Awake
Fooled Around and Fell in Love


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Lucy At The Roxy 25 & 26 January 2008

This site is dedicated to Lucy's second Roxy Concert.
January 2007 she had her solo debut at this venue - this year she's back
to rock Hollywood with her fantastic show!

Concert Report by KT
(and corrections)

As promised here is a quick concert rundown.

NOTE: Don’t read this if you’re going to tomorrow’s concert and you want surprises.

What to say about Lucy’s concert? It was a concert but it had other elements also. There were songs, there were skits and there were good friends goofing around. It was a little bit vaudeville, a little bit Ed Sullivan Show and just a little bit country.

There were more cowgirl hats than before, but less than I expected to see.

Kat Crimens opened the show. Tig Nigara was back also. I ran into a good friend whom I hadn’t seen in a while, so I wound up sitting in the hallway talking to her and so missed both of their acts.

But of course I was in the club, on my tippy-toes, steady in place when Lucy was due to appear. As always, she began to sing while still behind the curtain. And the audience responded with a rapturous roar that grew louder and louder as the curtains parted and we could see her whole self onstage.

When Lucy appeared, a friend asked me if I was taking notes. I explained to her (slowly, so she’d get it) that it was too dark and that I had nothing to lean on to write. She suggested that I go around and ask people to each remember one song so that I could make a song list without having to beg other people to help me remember them all. She yelled that she’d take the first song, but once Lucy began to sing the second one, she immediately forgot what the first one had been. I’ll continue to beg. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try to write ‘em down while there.

Lucy was much less sexually overt this time around. She wasn’t dressed in an eye-popping outfit like she was the last three concerts. She was wearing jeans and a white, tight fitted shirt. She had her hair pulled back off her face, but with curly bangs and a curly fall of hair down the back of her head. It was kind of a retro ‘50’s look.

Lucy told us that this was going to be a very American concert. She sang a Patsy Cline song which I can’t remember at the moment. She sang a number of songs and played around with the audience the way she does. She told us funny stories, mostly on herself.

Then she said that she needed a volunteer from the audience. Of course dozens of hands went up. She looked around and then made her choice. A young woman climbed up on the stage with her. Then I seem to remember that a woman kind of crept out on stage on her hand and knees. Lucy introduced her as her friend, Marissa W who stood up and smiled at us.

Marrisa received a big ovation, lots of hoots and hollers. She was wearing a cowgirl hat. Kat Crimens (who was also wearing a cowgirl hat) came back out and explained the game to us. There would be five questions about Lucy. If the fan won, she’d get to have lunch with Lucy. If Marissa one, she’d get to still be Lucy’s friend.

The first question was, “In what show did Lucy’s character have a threesome?” The fan almost immediately answered, “Battlestar Galactica.” I don’t remember that Marissa answered anything. Lucy suddenly unfolded one of a stack of long paper banners she had been holding in her hands. Written on it was “BSG”. Big applause.

Another question was, “What is Lucy’s favorite movie?” The fan and Marissa both stared aghast at each other. Marissa was shaking her head. Someone near the front yelled something out and Lucy smiled at them. No word yet from either Marissa or the fan. Lucy said the fan could have a “lifeline” and call on someone in the audience. Eventually, the fan decided to take the advice of the audience yeller and stated that Lucy’s favorite movie was “Yentel” Marissa frowned a bit and shook her head as she thought. Lucy began to put a little pressure on them and finally the young woman fan went along with “Yentel”. Lucy whipped out the next banner-and indeed, it read “Yentel” Lucy looked at the yellee and gave her a big ol’ smile. Marissa looked stunned.

I’ve forgotten the next question, but the fan won that one two.

Marissa noted that since the fan now had three right, it was no longer possible for Marissa to win. Nevertheless, they continued. Next question-“What people do Lucy like?” The answer was, “Jewish” people. Marissa said something like, “Yentel was the first clue.” Lucy awarded the banner that said, “Jews” to Marissa who held it up in front of herself and said that she could say this because she was Jewish.

One more (forgotten) question and the fan had won. They brought out two chairs and Marissa went to leave the stage but Lucy invited her to stay. Then she told her to get on her hands and knees. Marissa did. Lucy whipped out a red checkered tablecloth and laid it across Melissa’s back and she and the fan sat down to eat. Someone brought out some boxes and Lucy held one up and beamed at us, saying, “Lunchables”. Then they ate. The fan left the stage to big applause.

More singing of more forgotten but enjoyable songs. Then suddenly Renee appeared on stage and she actually sang a song with Lucy, she didn’t just give the oooohs and aaaaahs. The crowd was beside itself with joy. Renee made a few dance moves and nestled back to back with Lucy and bumped her up a few times, but mostly she sang.

After their song was over, Lucy pulled out a sheaf of paper. She said that she had asked Missy to send her some scenes from fanfic. Some of the crowd got real excited. Lucy said she’d asked for some erotic passages but that they were too erotic for her to read to us. She laughed as she said this. The folks who had gotten real excited were less excited now. There was a little banter back and forth between the grrls and Renee made to snatch the paper out of Lucy’s hands, but Lucy moved it out of her reach. Lucy said instead of fan porn they were going to do an “Ask Gabby” thing.

Renee laughed and repeated, “Ask Gabby. (Laugh)”

The first question to Renee was something like, “I’ve gotten very close to my best friend and I’m having strange feelings about her. Does this make me a man?” I think Renee and Lucy both said no. Lucy made some joke about Marissa on this one. Then there was a series of about three questions that all proposed something and all closed with, “Does this make me a man?” Then Lucy asked something like, “What is love if you’re shy and you want to tell your girlfriend you love them.” Renee answered, “Love is that when they call you and ask you to sing a duet with them, you say yes.”

Renee went off stage to thunderous applause. Lucy said something like you could tell someone you love them through music. And she sang another song, a love song to us.

Lucy also sang a song she had written for Julius before he was born. There was at least one other song and then they said goodnight and closed the curtain. We stood there doing our, “LU-CY, LU-CY, LU-CY” chant. They ignored us so that petered out but we still stood around expectantly and indeed, they reopened the curtains and Lucy came out for one if not two more songs. And then it really did end.

It was a very quirky night. Lucy had said that the music and the show would be “very American”. I’m not sure how or in what way she meant that. Perhaps she’ll explain that to us tomorrow.

Today at the con, We had appearances from Adrienne Wilkinson, Katherine Fugate, Steve Sears, Jeff Flaming (writer) and Tsianina Joelson. All fun and charming. And it’s always a pleasure to see new people like Jeff Flaming at a con.

Probably the most exciting news is that Renee has been inked to do a four part arc on Katherine’s Army Wives series, though Katherine said thoughtfully that thinking of the story, she might have to do five eps. This was in answer to the question, “When will you have the first gay character appear on Army Wives?” Katherine said that Renee will be the sexual aggressor. And added, “You may see her in a position you would have liked to have seen her in on Xena”.

Post con, post concert, post dessert party, post any slightest shimmer of a reasonable time to be in bed,

I remain,


Okay, let’s start with the corrections, shall we? Rereading my post this morning was a horrific waking.

You know, it was very late when I was typing up the report of the first night at the Roxy. So late that as I was lying on the bed writing with my computer propped on my rounded belly, I kept drifting in and out of sleep. Drifting in and out of sleep when typing up these reports leads to some strange remembered scenarios-half memory, half dream.

I have a photographic memory. Not a great one, it’s about the level of a Kodak Brownie Camera (as seen here:, but that’s the “style” it is. When I write up these reports, I pull up the moment in my mind and “watch” it unfold. Apparently, some of it unfolded in The Land of Nod.

After I went to the concert the second night and then came home and reread my post on the first night, I could hardly believe what I was reading.

Probably the biggest “WHAT?!” that resulted in my head when I reread what I had written was regarding Marissa’s entrance.

Marissa did not CRAWL onstage. What happened was that in the movie in my head, I saw that as Marissa came out, her head was only about up to Lucy’s waist. Totally forgetting that Lucy, especially in heels, is one realllllly tall person and that Marissa, in heels or not, is one reallllllly short person, AND not allowing for the fact (which I didn’t notice until the second night) that people had to walk up a step to get onstage, when I first saw Marissa before she walked up that unnoticed step, my mind counseled me, “Look-Marissa’s head is so low compared to Lucy’s head that she must be crawling at the moment.” And so that’s what I wrote. But no-she actually just walked out on stage like any normal person would.

AND I was told by a number of people that it wasn’t Marissa whom Lucy made into a table. It was yet another fan volunteer whom Lucy had brought up on stage. As Lucy and her first lucky fan ate their exotic Lunchable lunch on the back of the not so lucky second fan, Marissa was actually standing at the “table” and holding a pair of those long lighters for lighting stoves to provide a romantic candle-like-lit atmosphere.

Also, I remember that I had written about Lucy’s entrance, “And the audience responded with a rapturous roar that grew louder and louder as the curtain rose and we could see her whole self onstage”

Just before I posted the report, I re-read it to check for errors. And I suddenly had doubts about the curtain. Though I had first remembered it as the curtain rising and feeling the audience’s excitement ratchet up as we saw Lucy’s body revealed inch by inch, for some incomprehensible reason, on reread I decided that no, the curtains had parted, not risen. So I changed the sentence to say that the curtains parted, but didn’t change the resulting effect on the audience”. So the final sentence read, “And the audience responded with a rapturous roar that grew louder and louder as the curtains parted and we could see her whole self onstage”. Now if the curtain is rising, this makes sense. Lucy is VERY long and first you see feet, then a bit of calf, then more calf, then knees, then a piece of thigh, then more thigh, then more thigh, then the belly, chest and finally the face. But if the curtain opens by parting, this sentence doesn’t make sense. Because Lucy ain’t that wide. So the “reveal” would go by WAY too fast to register, and that whole feel of the audience’s excitement rising as the curtain rose wouldn’t happen. On night two, I noticed that I had been right the first time-the curtain did indeed rise, not part.

Names of people thing-I noticed that I had intended to look up the spelling of everyone’s name before I sent my post-but apparently forgot to do so. So this is why in that post,

Kat Crimmens played Kat Crimens,

Tig Notaro played Tig Nigara,

And Marissa Jaret Winokur played the mysterious Marissa W… (Could’ve been worse-my first attempt at her name created Ms. Marissa Wanker. Happily I attained full wakefulness before that one got cemented into the post.)

I hate it when I get people’s names wrong. My apologies to them and to anyone who read the post.

In fact, my apologies in general to anyone who read that fallacious post. So much for writing on my back. I think I’d better start referring to these as con fanfictions rather than con reports.


I’ll be slinking in more words soon-promise. No promises on authenticity however. .