Lucy In Concert
Roxy Theater
25 & 26 January 2008


Song List:

Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?/Heartache Tonight (medley)
Walkin' After Midnight
Beautiful Mistake
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around
Kiss You All Over
A Love Song
Winner at a Losing Game
New and Beautiful
Wide Awake
Fooled Around and Fell in Love


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Lucy At The Roxy 25 & 26 January 2008

This site is dedicated to Lucy's second Roxy Concert.
January 2007 she had her solo debut at this venue - this year she's back
to rock Hollywood with her fantastic show!

Concert Report by KT
Second Concert

So, second night concert. (Let us pray this report goes a little better
than my first exploding, imploding, sending bits of unidentifiable
wreckage flying through the air, taking down two or three innocent
bystanders of uncertain names, laden with tank-like-typos breaking holes
in syntax, structure, grammar and spelling while crushing sentences
beneath their treads, nuclear meltdown level crash and burn-
brighter-than-the-Northern Lights, effort.)

Last night I drove back and forth with some buddies. But I opt to take the
bus tonight, to visit with other friends during the rides.

The weather in L.A. has been wildly wet. One major storm after another has
been rolling through town. We all talk about how last year it was dry but
SOOOOOOOO cold and how standing on the line waiting to get in was just
brutal. The night before, the first night of the concert, was actually
pleasant, dry and warmish. There are rain clouds in the weather report for
tonight. The rain starts the minute we get to the club. But the timing is
good-we get right in. In the hall everyone heads for their various
favorite spots-totally smooshed up against the stage; behind the smooshies
on the dance floor as close as they can be to being smooshed up against
the stage; on the steps from the bar level down to the dance floor; at the
edge of the platform of the bar level; and way back lounging on the bar
itself. (Well, not on top of the bar but leaning against it with some
portion of the body. On top of the bar doesn't usually come into play
until much later in the night.)

We're all happy to be back and there's even a number of new kids to play
with tonight. (Some people can't get to the con before Saturday and so
miss Lucy's first night.)

Once again Kat and Tig are the lead-ins. Once again I decide to visit with
buds sitting in the entrance area and so miss their bits again. Though I
do hear Tig repeating some stuff she did last year-"No moleste", "Itty
Bitty Titty" and something else that is eluding my grasp at the moment,
escaping from the interior of my mind and now probably roaming down the
mean streets of L.A., scaring little children and big men.

First thing I gotta say-I hate it that they added seats on the floor. It
really tightly corrals the standing folks. This was the first Lucy concert
I've ever been at where I was aware of being very uncomfortable by the end
of the nights from standing in one place so long. So uncomfortable, that
for the last three songs Lucy sang the first night, I was even kind of
hoping that "this is the last song". Every other time, when she said it
was the last song, I was practically broken-hearted, cause I still had
happy feet and was hoping for the show to continue.

The discomfort was because even way at the back, there wasn't really room
to move around. The standing folks had lost so much floor space that we
were just about backed right up to the bar. Therefore leaving no free
space anywhere, as we've had here in the past and in both New York and
Chicago, for anyone to walk around a bit between songs and so get the
blood in their feet and legs moving around.

Thank the gods I had sat in the hallway visiting with friends when Kat and
Tig were on-my little leggies and feet would have been REALLY past it if I
had stood during their bits also.

And, because people were so jammed together both front and back and
sideways, there was a real problem with even finding a good clear space to
see the stage from. Even though the Roxy is a very small venue, I could
still only see Lucy from like the top of her thighs up-(thank the gods for
her cascading, endlessly long thighs). I never saw much of her pants nor
anywhere near her feet. As for Renee, I never even saw her clothes-mainly
just her upper chest, head and her arms when she raised them to bump and

Even when a couple of friends and I stood on the space by the turned side
part of the bar, right against the rear wall of the hall, even from way
back there, there just wasn't enough space between people on the floor in
front of you to see the whole stage the way we had last year. And you
couldn't even get a clear shot by rocking or adjusting just a little to
the side-there was literally no space between bodies-just a little slice
between heads. I HATE being that crowded in.

Next year I hope they either take away the floor chairs or put down
nothing but chairs with enough space between them for everyone to see from
down there (and charge somewhere between what those in the currently
limited number of chairs and the standing folks paid) or get a somewhat
bigger venue.

Happily, (most) Xena fans on the whole are very gracious and generous
souls. They're always asking each other, "Can you see?" and doing their
best to try to keep the areas between heads and bodies clear for the
shorter members or our society. (Increasingly as I age, that would be me.)

Good back-up chicks. Lucy always gets good back-up chicks, even on one
occasion a good dude back up chick. One looked like Tina Turner. One
looked like Sally Jesse Raphael. She would put on these HUGE thick-rimmed
black glasses at times and look down at the music, but she sang mostly
without them on. And her voice was as huge as her glasses! And the fiddle
player looked like Chelsea Clinton, when she had that very long, very
curly hair. I tell ya, the stage was just THICK with celebrities.

I really don't want to keep ragging, but the sound way in the back where
we were was not very good either. It's possible that the lack of open
space had something to do with this also-when they did the sound check,
the hall would be much more lively without all the wall to wall Lucy fan
bodies absorbing the sound waves instead of reflecting them back. Lots of
times I saw and heard people asking each other "What'd she say?" and
getting a shrug back-with both of them staring at Lucy and never taking
their eyes off of her even when talking to each other.

Now having finished my ragging, let me ask myself this question. KT-were
you glad you went. Why yes KT I am. I'm happier I went even with these
problems. I'd rather have been there than not been there. Thanks for

But I do hope for some changes next year. If not, I'm bringing stilts--for
both the view and for a shot at free-flowing air. Also, I bet I could walk
around with stilts on-they only need a little standing space. I'd just
have to be REAL careful with where I step. AND hey-I'd get to see all of
Luce! Yay! (Hmmm. I might bring stilts even if they DO change the layout
or the club. . .)

Now since I couldn't see real well nor hear so well, in compiling this
report, I have had to rely well, not exactly on the kindness of strangers,
but on the kindness of strange Xena fans. Closer than strangers but still
strange. During the third day at the convention, I asked numerous people
about what they had seen and heard at the concert, to help me fill in this
report. (Oddly enough, I also had a number of people come up and volunteer
to help me with the report for the second night. Go figure.) Some things I
had just forgotten about, some things I found out the details on for the
very first time. So, with thanks to everyone for their input either with
or without accompanying insults regarding my first night ugly melange-here
is our group report.

End of Part One