Fri. & Sat. October 5 and 6, 2007

754 South Wabash Avenue




"Lucy, Chicago, The Blues: We're There"

Concert Report by KT

Concert - 6 October 2007

Lucy’s concert 2nd night quickie:

Another excellent evening of listening to Lucy sing, watching her gyrate and feeling her torch off emotions in the hearts of her audience ranging from intense joyous glee to somber, sentimental, eyes-tearing up moments.

I always find Lucy’s last night at a club to be the best of a set. Lucy is more playful, usually in top voice from having worked the material over for the last few nights, and she can blast her songs out at full power without worrying about hurting her throat/voice box and damaging the next night’s show.

The crowd was larger than last night. Most people were repeats from the first night, but there were a good percentage of people mixed in who only went to this show. New faces all around me.

Lucy started out in her blue jean/chaps outfit. She wore a black tank top over a red sparkly bikini top type bra. Just after she first came out, she raised her arms and the red sparkly bikini top type bra rose up for the occasion also and managed to shrug itself into the air, cresting over the top of the tank top and winking happily at us. Lucy didn’t notice this and when the hall filled with screaming appreciation, she grinned widely at us, apparently in the belief that we were enjoying her dancing and singing. Which we were-but the adventurous journeying bra stole the stage.

She eventually changed into a deep rose strapless dress covered with long white fringes that cascaded from her upper chest to about mid calf or so. The fringes shook and flew around, swirling through the air from the force of Lucy’s movements.

More to come. And still working on trying to paste together a list of the songs she sang.)

Highlights of Lucy and Renee’s con appearance:

Lucy telling the story of an old piece of face powder that exploded in her car when she tried to apply it as she drove over here today. With the result that even after brushing herself off, she kept leaving little smears of powder every place she sat down. She cleaned off her crotch area as well as she could, but eventually had to ask Renee to "wipe her ass" to get all the powder off. Lucy added, "There’s a photo of Renee wiping my ass. There aren’t too many people you can ask that of. This is the sign of a real friendship."

Lucy singing "Come Melt Into Me" from BitterSuite with Joe Lo Duca, Lucy and Joe and Renee singing, "Try To See It My Way". Renee sang full verses and did a very credible job on them.

Lucy tale of eating hashish brownies in a green room by mistake and freaking out from it for the next 48 hours.

Renee’s tale of her step-father and his cronies eating hashish brownies at her wedding in Austin.

Lucy’s description of "her kind of fan".

Renee’s story of having a Star Wars birthday party (presumably for Miles) where Renee dressed as a Jedi, her mother dressed as Princess Leia, and Iris was Yoda.

When Renee was alone on stage, she walked down into the audience to talk-pleasing the folks in the back of the hall no end. And causing great cricking of necks on those in the front.

Details and more coming tomorrow.