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02/22/07: Lead Role - Tanya Austin

Lucy said:

"I am playing a lead role in a new ABC show called Footballers' Wives...."

"I don't intend to be the next Joan Collins," Lawless says. I liken [Tanya] more to Tony Soprano in Manolos. i am looking for the frailty that allows this woman to do these terrible things, rather than ba-dum-bum-ching!--here's another outrageous moment. [Entertainment Weekly]

Lucy said she turned down the role for weeks. She doesn't play wives. Lucy knew it's going to be a hit and she didn't want to go long term so she kept turning it down. She said she usually chose roles that she knew wouldn't be successful. She knows Football Wives will be successful. They chased her so hard and Lucy liked the people and she decided to say yes. She is playing an extremely hard, tough woman and she pushes her husband to be a big football star. The characters do everything that is repugnent to Lucy and finds she finds the women repellent. it was another reason she turned it down because the women were so bitchy but in the end she had to do it. [Lucy on Bob Guiney On the Radio 19 February 2007 - download mp3 - 6.1 mb | download wma - 3.2 mb]


 She is playing an extremely hard, tough woman and she pushes her husband to be a big football star.

This information is from the UK version of the show - now this may or may not apply in the US version of the show and may change.  When the information does change, it will be added here

The info is from the official footballers Wives site for the UK version.


More than anything else, Tanya is a survivor—an extremely strong woman who knows what she wants and will do anything to keep it. Although she's fiercely loyal to the few people who have managed to win her friendship, cross her and she becomes the sort of enemy that nightmares are made of – a predator who can pick out someone's weakness at 100 yards and who is cold, calculating and remorseless in her revenge. Tanya is highly intelligent and is resourceful enough to manipulate a harmful situation to her advantage, a strength flawed by
her belief that without a man and her glamorous lifestyle, she's nothing.