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Lucy To Host Syfy Xena Marathon of ALL Six Seasons in April
Posted on: 8 April 2020

TV Line has a new development for Xenites especially those stuck in isolation, which is most of us! Starting April 16, Syfy will air 8 to 10 episodes on Thursday morning and evening. Read below! Xena and Battlestar Galactica Get Full-Series Marathons on Syfy in April Syfy will sate…

Minions: The Rise of Gru Sets New Release Date for 2021
Posted on: 2 April 2020

Universal's Minions: The Rise of Gru Set New Release Date for July 2, 2021 — AUSXIP Lucy Lawless (@lucylawlessnet) April 1, 2020…

SyFy Releases All Four Battlestar Galactica Seasons for Free!
Posted on: 2 April 2020

  SyFy has all 4 seasons of #BattlestarGalactica with Lucy is Seasons 2-4 available for free and streamed off their site plus 2 movies The Plan & Razor. Check it out here #LucyLawless — AUSXIP Lucy Lawless (@lucylawlessnet) March 31, 2020…

Video: Imagine All The People - A Song of Hope by James Gottfried
Posted on: 31 March 2020

The following is from James Gottfried. The video is AMAZING. Please watch and share it. I am happy to share with you the debut of the "IMAGINE ALL THE PEOPLE" music video! #imagineallthepeople We are living in a very different world right now and we need human connection more than…

Video: Lucy in Unite Against COVID in NZ PSA
Posted on: 30 March 2020

The PM, asked us to @UniteAgainstCovid19 promoting ways to#UniteAgainstCovid19#StayHomeNZ #covid19 #DontLetItHurtYourGrandma !— Lucy Lawless (@RealLucyLawless) March 26, 2020…

Happy Birthday Lucy Lawless!
Posted on: 28 March 2020

Today it's Lucy's 52nd Birthday! Happy birthday to Lucy!…

Comfort TV For Your Coronavirus Quarantine - Xena (Of Course!)
Posted on: 19 March 2020

The coronavirus is making Netflix and quarantine into the new Netflix and chill. Google, IBM, Microsoft and loads of other companies are encouraging employees to work from home. If you’re one of these lucky few, we know you’ll be diligently typing from 9 to 5 even if you’re in PJs…

Message From Lucy Via Las Vegas on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
Posted on: 13 March 2020

Lucy is in Las Vegas on business and she decided to cut short her visit (the memories of Hurricane Katrina are still fresh in her mind). This is her video. Diary. Life in the Petrie Dish. #pandemic— Lucy Lawless (@RealLucyLawless) March 12, 2020…

5 TV spin-offs that eclipsed their originals Including Xena!
Posted on: 2 March 2020

From 'Frasier' to 'The Simpsons', we'd argue that several spin-offs have surpassed their predecessors. If you go back through the history of the small-screen, we’d argue that several spin-offs have surpassed their predecessors. Here’s our pick. Xena: Warrior Princess Just like the aforementioned Frasier, Xena was only supposed to have…

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