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7 September 2020

Video: Lucy on Aussie Today Show About Xena’s 25th Anniversary

Richard Wilkins interviewed Lucy on the Australian tv show “Today” on Saturday September 5, 2020 about Xena’s 25th Anniversary.




1 September 2020

She Nerds Out Podcast: Lucy Lawless

The awesome ladies of She Nerds Out interview Lucy Lawless on the eve of Xena's 25th Anniversary! Listen in, great interview ladies!




17 April 2020

Xena Throwback Marathon: Lucy and Renee Talk about Ides of March

#Xena Throwback Marathon with #LucyLawless and #ReneeOConnor. Episode Ides of March (one of my fave episodes). Lucy said "Misery looked great on screen" Poor Renee. She suffered for her art in this episode.




17 April 2020

Video: Katie Wilson from Syfy Interviews Lucy and Renee About Xena Marathon

Syfy's Katie Wilson interviewed Lucy and Renee about the 25th Anniversary and how it impacted their lives plus the Xena Throwback Marathon




14 October 2019

NEXT Magazine: Snap Chat: Lucy Lawless and Her Favourite Things October 14, 2019

nextmagazine Snap Chat: Lucy Lawless and her favourite things
Next Magazine (NZ)

14 October 2019

The actress lends her voice talents to Kiwi animated film Mosley, which opens in cinemas on October 10

My typical week...

I don’t have a routine except when I’m working. Then I am told what time to get up, what I’m wearing, when to eat and go home. I’m a slave to the schedule, but I love it.

If I could live off one food, it would be…

I love the taste of toasted nori. I would prefer seaweed to be the food of the future, rather than crickets. I used to feed crickets to the lizards my little boys had when they were growing up in Los Angeles. It was disgusting to have to feed the food to the lizards – and the smell made me gag. To this day, cricket bread makes my stomach turn.

My hidden talent is…

Whistling. My dad was a whistler and I adored him, so I guess I developed that skill early.

The person I’d most love to interview is…

Anthony de Mello, Indian Catholic priest and motivational speaker. He is a huge inspiration to me.



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Lucy LawlessAUSXIP Interviews Lucy Lawless - December 2011

 Since our last interview with Lucy in May 2010, Lucy has starred in her best role yet as Lucretia is Spartacus, she  has immersed herself in the role of Greenpeace ambassador and Eco-Warrior; she passionately believes in conservation and environmental issues such as Climate Change. In this interview we talk to Lucy about the upcoming final Xena Convention, her passion for environmental issues and what fans can expect from Lucretia in Spartacus: Vengeance.

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Lucy Lawless LucretiaAUSXIP Interviews Lucy Lawless - May 2010

Lucy talks about Xena, what her fans have taught her, working on Spartacus and her fellow cast mates, her involvement with Greenpeace and why that is so important to her. Does she has future in politics, childhood memories and more.

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Lucy Lawless InterviewAUSXIP Interviews Lucy Lawless - April 2008

Lucy Lawless, star of Xena Warrior Princess and now Battlestar Galactica graciously agreed to be interviewed in between working on the Adam Sandler movie "Bedtime Stories" and preparing for her UK Concert debut in London.

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