Lucy Lawless Movie
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Role: Madam Vandersexx
Owner of Amsterdam Brothel, Club Vandersexx

Review by KT

I didn’t go see Eurotrip because I just could not bring myself to support dumb, offensive, piggy boy movies with my entrance fee at a theater.

I was therefore thrilled to find clips of Lucy’s part on Mary D’s site which I actually managed to download. Yay for me!

I was very pleasantly surprised to see how good Lucy was in it. She totally cracked me up. She actually ACTED as a person who happens to work as a dominatrix. She didn’t just posture herself with a “wink, wink, nudge, nudge looka me pretending to be a madam” outlook that many people would have used.

It was a multi-layered take. There were times when she was “acting” as a double layer within the role in terms of presenting the dominatrix persona that the customer expected to see. She played with the boy in the stereotypic manner, as when she murmured “I know”, so sympathetically when the boy said in agreement with her about growing up in sexually straight laced America, “It was horrible”. She was also playing a woman playing the customer’s fantasy when she talked about the safe word and how he needed it so she wouldn’t stop when he didn’t really want her to stop. Expectively and superficially seducing him into an anticipatory arousal while just doing her job and not actually feeling the sexual frisson inside herself of her own arousal. I loved the way she read the line, “Until I hear the safe word. . .I will not stop.” The hesitation and the sudden focus on the warning part of the message was purely from the same well that some of Xena’s menace came from.

These double layers of playing roles while playing roles reminded me of the times she played Meg playing Leah or Leah playing Xena—just one character showing inside another one all at the same time.

There were some bits where Lucy was acting just as a person actually would. I saw this in how she looked confused during the sex scene when the boy was racked up and trying to say the safe word. She’s assessing the situation as she says, “Did you say, ‘Fluggacamkremer?’ When the boy (who looked somewhat like a young Rob Tapert to me ACK!) said he had, I liked how she acted the madam saying the friendly, concerned warning, “Are you suuure?” Very maternal, very aware of how foolish some of these young boys can be. Again, this was a nice little insight into the character she was portraying.

It was great that she had a professional attitude and created a real person in what is often played by many actors as a cardboard, shallow stereotype, without ever getting into any real emotions that such a person would feel. Even in a teenage silly summer sophmoric movie like this, Lucy treats her craft seriously and with respect.

I also thoroughly enjoyed her on the outtakes. I particularly liked the one where she’s talking about what she’s supposed to be doing and she says very rapidly, something like, “I pull away his pants and look at his dick, kay?” And to the boy, “Ready?” And then she pulls his pants out and the young boy loses it, laughing and hanging his head down as he laughs. She yells, “Shhhh. Quit! Shut up!” and she pushes his head back up.

So bossy! What a Mom. . .

And wasn't it nice to hear those producer guys say, "We all agreed, everyone of us all agreed, that Lucy Lawless was the coolest human being we'd all ever met."

Go Lucy!

And thanks to MaryD for her great site and for giving me chance to see Lucy at work without compromising my prissy (and pissy!) little feminist heart.