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Role: Madam Vandersexx
Owner of Amsterdam Brothel, Club Vandersexx

Eurotrip Review
by Linda Crist
13 February 2004
I was pleasantly surprised, because this was way better than I expected it to be.  I think you'd have to be in the mood for this type of humor, but I was gearing up for it, so was prepared.  It was a nice bit of comic relief after a work day.

While not typically the kind of movie I would go out of my way to see, it was enjoyable, and I laughed many times.  I have seen American Pie, and thought this was much funnier and much more clever.  Actually, I only laughed once during American Pie, so Eurotrip gets many more points in the humor department.  I think it might be a hit with the high school/college crowd, but it needs heavier marketing, at least in Dallas -- I haven't seen many commercials for it here.

The writers have also written some Seinfeld episodes, and it has some of that bizzaro wacky type of humor in it.  It had very little bathroom humor, which was another nice surprise.  Matt Damon was hilarious in his cameo as a punkish band singer.  There were a few other cameos by actors whose faces were familiar, but I can't place names.

Lucy got the highest billing behind the four main stars -- her name came up 5th in the opening credits.  <g>

She used a Dutch/German sort of combo accent, but softened, and a little Kiwi slipped in a few times.  Her screen time was short and her scenes were broken up between scenes of what the kids who weren't at the brothel were doing.  I'd say she had 5 - 7 minutes of screen time, I didn't really time it.  Her role reminded me a little bit of bad girl Xena from "Heart of Darkness."  She had a funny scene in the outtakes during the closing credits as well, which was very much like we've seen her in some of the on-set scenes from the Xena behind the scenes videos -- it appeared she had taken charge of how the scene was played out, even over the kid who was one of the main stars -- she was "directing" him in the outtake <g>.

Her role was over the top, but the entire movie is over the top, so it worked for me for what it was supposed to be.  She looked much better on screen than she did in those photos we've seen.  We all came away from the movie wanting the Vandersexxx t-shirt the guy was wearing after he left the brothel.  It had five lines of "Vandersexxx" written across it like a flag in rainbow colors on a black background.  The brothel was an S&M place, and most of the "torture" was administered to the guy by two big burly men, with Lucy's character directing them.  She did not have any nude/topless scenes or anything that was even compromising, really.  I think she did more compromising bits on Xena.

I thought she did a really good job, and it was actually pretty cool to see her on the big screen (I never saw Spiderman in the theater).  Guardedly, I am going to say this thing just might do well.