Helping Support Lucy Lawless

Report / Review of Dress Rehearsal & Live Show
by Taipo

Hey, all, that was FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish you could all have been there. I've been sort of glancing over the messages everyone wrote after watching the show on television, just to make sure my own report doesn't get repetitive. But then, you can't say it too many times- Lucy rocks!!!!!!!

All that said, I'm going to give you my side of the story, as seen from the live studio audience, and I'll toss in some hints and tips for anyone hoping to be in the audience in the future.

First, as someone (sorry, name escapes me 'cause I'm wired) told me, get there early. And if you can hide a little bottle of water in your bag, do so. I couldn't as my bag was too small. After the show, I was standing near my car gulping from this huge bottle of water I keep in the back seat, and was nearly mugged for the water! So that tells you something.

If you are coming from out of town, you definitely want to get there early. For me, it wasn't such a big deal. I live in the area, so if I couldn't get in this time, I could try for another time later. But if you don't have that option, at least park your car in the garage, or find a good street spot nearby early on the day if you can. The
garage gets very busy around 3:00. I met a couple fellas who said they'd arrived at 2:30 to stand in line but were told it was too early and they had to come back. There are lots of shops in the area, so you'll have things to do if that happens.

You'll have to go through a metal detector and have your bag searched, so be prepared for that. As for dressing "hip and upscale," that was a crock. There were teens in jeans, people in t-shirts, so it wasn't strictly enforced. However, a lot of people were dressed nicely, sort of "casual Friday" office looks, and it
showed. Wayne Brady even complimented the audience in general on how
good we all looked!

This time, anyway, the folks outside handling ticketing and telling us what to do were rather disorganized. They managed to get it together near the end, but I think once inside, they had trouble with the seating because some people had special tickets, but their seats were filled because no one really knew where they were supposed to sit. I just followed the folks ahead of me in line, and we just grabbed seats at the back of the floor area-- yes, STAGE LEFT!
(Thanks for the tip, Lucy!) Basically, I lucked out.


I'm not going to spend a lot of time on the stuff everyone saw on TV or in the video clips that the wonderful AUSXIP site has because you can all see that. Instead, I'll try to tell you what happened in between.

Before the show went live, they lined up the contestants in front of these black panels that were lined up alternating with these white panels. Then they removed the black panels, and we could see that behind the white panels were the "legends" that were going to sing with each contestant. It was really easy to find Lucy in that crowd- she's the tallest one on stage!! In typical Lucy fashion, she was interacting with the crowd (and there were some vocal Luce-Nuts
there, believe me) and looking around taking it all in. She had an animated conversation with Gladys Knight while they were waiting to film the promo/intro, which ended up being filmed twice. Then they all left the stage and we just had to wait.

I heard someone talking about Lucy in the lower level bleacher seats behind me, and it turned out to be Marissa Winokur, Lucy's friend. I couldn't hear it all, but I heard her say that Lucy was singing first. Wow! Talk about nerves!

You all said everything I could say about that performance, I think. I think Lucy looked a little surprised at first when Marie Osmond suggested she could be more "relatable," until she clarified it by saying she meant relating more to Michael Bolton. Well, sorry, but how do you relate to a guy who has his eyes closed half the time and doesn't relate back???? I guess in spite of all Lucy's charm and friendliness, there wasn't a lot of chemistry there. Or else he was
worried about what his wife would say!

Lucy's second performance, I agree, was much better! You could see she and Mr. Robinson have a great chemistry going on, that they really like and admire one another. 'Nuff said, I think, except that Lucy was so hot in that dress I thought the place would go up in flames!

Later, when they gathered all the stars on stage to rehearse the final line-up that happened before they announced who would move on to next week, I noticed again that Lucy was interacting more with the people around her than were the other contestants. And when they were finally lined up for real, waiting to go on camera again, Lucy really got into watching the video clips of the other folks'
performances. She really let herself be in the moment and enjoy what they had done. Cheech Marin, standing next to her, followed her example after a minute and watched them, too. He and Lucy seemed to have a little camraderie going there.

When Chris Jericho was told he had to go home, it almost looked like Lucy wanted to go over and hug him, but she had to stay in place. Later, during the credits, she did hug him, but that part got cut out at the end. She clearly wanted to show him some support.

I think that really sums up how Lucy was on stage when the camera wasn't directly on her. She sees the whole thing, I think, as more than a competition. It's a life experience that she wants to savor, and going onward each week is more than just a personal victory, it's a chance to keep the experience going. The other contestants, while having fun performing, and smiling at the audience during filming breaks, seem to be wasting a great opportunity, in my opinion. Are
they jaded? Nervous? Fiercely competitive? I don't know. I do know that watching Lucy having a good time talking to Gladys Knight, Cheech Marin, Chris Jericho, and others, I was reminded, as I always am by Lucy, that people and the relationships you have with them are what's really important in this life. In my book, Lucy Lawless won life's competition a long time ago.

Still, get your dialing fingers ready to push her over the top!!!!!!!!!!! <VBG>!


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