Lucy Lawless on
"Celebrity Duets"

Episode #1
(Week 1 - Part 2)

By Marion Miller


"Smokey Robinson! He's just a gorgeous Human Being. Ya gotta be overwhelmed by Smokey Robinson!" Lucy Lawless.

Well we find out that Lucy's dream of singing with Smokey Robinson is indeed
going to come true as we see footage of rehearsal with Lucy clutching her
face in disbelief & Smokey giving a shy Lucy a kiss on the cheek.

Lucy & Smokey are introduced by Wayne Brady & the lights slowly come up. The camera behind Lucy reveals her shimmering, in backless white, swaying softly as she looks across the stage at Smokey.

The camera hits on Smokey & he starts to sing 'Baby, Baby'. He keeps his
eyes on Lucy as he begins to walk slowly towards her. Again we see Lucy from
the back, white Iris behind her left ear, hair falling over her right shoulder. Lucy is watching Smokey and her body seems to let out a sigh as her head falls slightly to one side. If I didn't know better I would say she was falling in love.

As Smokey gets close, Lucy shakes her head & looks slightly away. She has
said that singing with Smokey would be her all time dream come true and her
body language seems to reiterate this. Is she going to be too overwhelmed to
sing with her idol? Gods, I hope not!

Lucy brings the microphone to her lips & starts to sing - HOORAY!! For the
first time we see Lucy's face. The blonde curls are flowing over her right
shoulder, her left bare, revealing the thin white strap of her gown & a
delicate drop diamond earring. She looks STUNNING!

Her eyes never leave Smokey and as she sings soft & sultry to Smokey, I
almost feel like I'm intruding on an intensely private & personal moment
between the two. Talk about chemistry! These two could blow up the whole
Lab with just one look!

Lucy's voice is sweet, sexy & sultry. The audience begins to cheer as they
get to hear her clearly. Smokey & Lucy move still closer together, looking
into each other's eyes, singing solely for each other. The camera pans away
& we finally see Lucy's dress in full. It is a floor-length sparkling sheath
of white with slight gathering across her body from the top of her thighs up
to the beautifully shaped neckline. She is truly just so beautiful.

Lucy reaches her hand out & takes Smokey's in hers as they croon 'Oooh,
Baby, Baby' to each other for the last time. The final shot is a close up of
their hands clasped together. Holy cow, that wasn't just hot, that was DAMN

They hug & Smokey takes Lucy's hand to lead her back to centre stage. Lucy
turns & gives the biggest cheesy grin to the audience. The sultry goddess is
gone for a second & cheeky Juicy Flawless is back.

Much of the crowd is on their feet & Wayne Brady states that the couple get
his vote for Prom King & Queen. Marie Osmond hits the nail on the head when
she says that Lucy is so deadly beautiful that the audience watched her sing
every note, rather than heard it. Thank goodness for the likes of AUSXIP &
Lucy's official site so we can all go back to watch AND listen to her again
and again. Marie said that Lucy became the song & liked how she changed her
voice to suit it, she is fantastic!

Now comes Little Richard who makes a quote that I think will be used and
remembered for many a year to come by those who heard it. "Ooo-eee, I tell
ya, it made my big toe shoot up in my boot". I thought Marie was going to
fall off her chair! He said he just loved it & that she had it "Goin' on and
you knocked me to my knees". Lucy is all smiles & lets out a Little Richard
style yell as she thanks him.

David Foster tells her it was a tough song to sing and that he struggled
with the visual as it was 'tough to take'. I took this to be a comment on
her beauty. When he closed his eyes, it still sounded good. David told Lucy
that when the award shows come on that show the best moment on TV, like the
best kiss etc, she & Smokey were going to get the award as it was sexy as

Wayne summed it up by saying that unlike the others, he respected Lucy for
her musical talent to which David quips that Wayne is lying!

Lucy looks a bit overwhelmed and humbled by the comments and is still
beaming from ear to ear. This was not an easy song to sing. If the notes
weren't hit perfectly, the music was soft enough that a wrong note would
have been very easily heard. Lucy hit all of them. Lucy sang so incredibly
well this 1st episode and I'm so proud of her. I just wish we got to hear
more of her actual singing when she was with Smokey

All the judges were right on the money as far as I was concerned. Lucy
looked breathtakingly beautiful. She was sexy as hell & drew me right to her
essence like a kitten to a plate of milk & left me wanting more, more, MORE.
Lucy didn't just put a chink in the armour of her Xena: Warrior Princess
image, she blew it right off.

Aphrodite, eat your heart out, you have been replaced by the new goddess in
town and her name is LUCY LAWLESS!!


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