Lucy Lawless on
"Celebrity Duets"

Episode #3
(Week 2 - Part 1)

By Marion Miller

Celebrity Duets - Week 2, Elimination Night

'I'm really flattered that Lucy's excited to sing with me. She has a really
pretty voice so there is no doubt in my mind she is gonna make it". Kenny
Loggins talking about Lucy Lawless.

Well here we are at the first viewing audience elimination night. Last week,
the judges had the pleasure of the initial elimination. From now on it is up
to the viewers to vote, vote, vote!

First we have the opening group performance of Blondie's "One Way Or
Another" with Lucy front & centre, leading with the opening lines of the
song. The angelic screen goddess Lucy of the past weeks has been locked up
back stage & a sassy, sexy rock chick has been let out to play. As Lucy
struts to the front of centre stage in her 4 inch heeled, knee high red
leather boots, there is no doubt that Lucy is here to have some fun.

She is wearing a black leather sleeveless ultra mini dress with a silver
zipper up the front. Silver zippers on the side pockets with white stitching
around them makes them stand out. Under the dress she has on a length
sleeved fishnet top. Her blonde curls are gone and are replaced by slick
straight rocker hair. Lucy struts & rocks her way through the song, having a
great time while she waits for her turn to sing again. Always centre stage,
you can't help but watch her continuously. I kind of felt like the rest of
the cast were her back up group! Man, does this woman know how to get our
attention & don't we love her for it.

Next we find out that on every elimination show, each celebrity will do
another song with their Duet partner from the previous night. So with Kenny
Loggins pairing up with Lucy again - could we possibly even begin to hope
that a certain incredibly popular toe tapping song of Kenny's might be their
tune for the evening. Could it be....? Could it be....? OH YEAH - IT'S

That familiar opening guitar riff to the song rings out as the camera moves
to the side of Kenny as he walks to the microphone, guitar in hand and
sings the first line. The camera moves stage front & behind Kenny, back to
the audience we see one of the sexiest images I have seen in a long time.

A stiletto heeled pair of tanned legs that seem to go on forever, finally
disappear under a silver fringed mini dress which ends in the small of
Lucy's lower back to then reveal nothing but skin and silver shoe string
straps that criss-cross her back and melt away under her blonde hair. She
turns to reveal the front of the dress, which has been christened "Hootchie
Cootchie Hot" by Lucy herself in one of her backstage videos.

The silver beaded fringing covers the entirety of the dress - what there is
of it! The low neckline is enhanced by a push-up bra, creating a cleavage
to be proud of. The shoe string straps holding up the bodice, curls around
the back of Lucy's neck to become the criss-cross down her back. The sides
of her halter top scoop down her side and joins the low curve of the dress
in the small of her lower back. Lucy in this dress is not just hot - the
woman is SCORCHING!

Kenny sings the first four lines & then a swaying Lucy turns and saunters up
to Kenny, singing the next 3 lines. As Kenny takes over the vocals, Lucy
sidles up beside Kenny and breaks in to a sexy shimmy that sends the silver
beaded fringing quivering all over her body. I dare you to try and take your
eyes of her!

Lucy's next bracket of singing is much better than the first which was a
little off key. It seemed to me that she had a bit of trouble finding her
place vocally within the music of the first few lines she sang. As they are
about to break out the chorus, Lucy does some moves that would make the girl
groups of the Motown era proud. Damn, she knows how to work that dress.

Kenny is also quite distracted by his singing partner. He seems to be paying
much more attention to Lucy's moving backside than to anything else. It has
to be said that the man has a very wide grin on his face.

Kicking into the first chorus, they sing really well together, harmonies can
be heard and Lucy is in tune. Again the familiar guitar riff of 'Footloose'
is played by Kenny and again his eyes are drawn away from his guitar to the
gyrating Diva beside him. Lucy hasn't stopped moving for a single moment
since the song began.

Time for the chorus again and Lucy steps in to sing with Kenny on his
microphone. Between each line, Lucy is all hair & arms whipped into
frenzied motion. Not only is Lucy Footloose, she has cut loose - big time.

The song ends with Lucy standing with her body facing the audience, right
hip jutted out, face turned towards Kenny and right arm in the air. She
might have finally stopped moving but the silver fringing continues to swim
all over her body.

Kenny & Lucy give each other a hug and kiss. As they separate, Lucy's dress
gets caught on Kenny's guitar. Wayne Brady tells Kenny that 'Every man in
America wants to be your Guitar my friend". Hey, don't count us women folk
out either I say!

Although this may not have been one of Lucy's best performances vocally, it
was fantastic none the less. Physically, this woman took my breath away.
The dress could not have been more perfect and one of the great things about
Lucy is her unbridled enthusiasm. You can't help but be sucked in as you
watch her really 'live' the moment. Lucy had a ball and so did I.

She was sexy, sassy and totally HOOTCHIE COOTCHIE HOT!!

Oh, I almost forgot, Lucy makes it into the next round.

By Marion Miller

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