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Lucy Lawless on Television

Lucy Lawless Cheers To 50 Years NZ TV Special

Airdate: 01 June 2010

Cheers To 50 Years is an entertaining look back at some of New Zealand's most treasured moments
in television as we fondly remember the history of NZ TV

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Clip #1 - Lucy Intro & KFC Advert



  Cheers to 50 Years Lucy Review
by Jo

Cheers to 50 years just aired, a fun look back at 50 years of TV in New Zealand, panel show with Lucy featured on Simon Dallow's team, Team Dallow (being a panel show screen time was shared across 8 panel members and host, mainly focussed on the teams as a whole). 

Embarrassingly fun old retro clips to introduce the panel. Lucy's clip? - Xena of course, from Season 3's 'Gabrielle's Hope', running after Gabby, that thing you're holding is a monster! (something other than Xena could have been more fun maybe, but that's just me).   The show was many varying rounds from theme tunes, University  challenge, what's my line style mystery guests, to adverts - a highlight of which was Lucy & Simon recognising their advert, excitingly breaking into its song then singing along to the entire advert as it was played :-)

Video clips - Lucy & Simon singing the Kentucky Fried Chicken advert was great, spontaneous as they both got so excited, we know this, we know this, looked at each other and started to sing the old advert (LOL) then sang along to it as it was replayed, they both knew all the words.  The lines in a show segment of Lucy 'singing' a line from a TV show is probably a clip too - here's a line from a script, now read it in the style of a musical, which of course got passed to Lucy to do so she 'sang' this random line from some random TV show, in her own style of course :-)

Lots of buzzing, questions and laughter, all in all a fun show, which didn't take itself too seriously, lots of laughter and a good time. 

Oh, and Lucy's team won!  as chosen by the theatre's audience.

On a side note, the show also had a segment of those TV celebrities no longer with us - which included a quick clip of Kevin Smith.  Gone, but never forgotten. The audience was made up of Kiwi celebs & TV actors and everyday folk.

and for those interested....Lucy dressed by Zambesi