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TV Shows - 2010

Lucy Lawless & Rob Tapert
ITM Fishing Media Awards - 28 August 2010
Cheers to 50 Years - NZ TV Celebration
01 June 2010

TV Shows - 2008

Dancing With The Stars - Week 4
8 April 2008 - Lucy in the audience
Available on YouTube | Download clip
Created by LB
Entertainment Tonight - 29 March 2008
Available on YouTube
Created by Roger

Late Show With David Letterman - 19 March 2008
Presenting as part of the BSG Cast
Top 10 Reasons to Watch the New Season of 'Battlestar Galactica'
Late Show with David Letterman - 19 March 2008
Promo for the show
Available on YouTube

TV Shows - 2007

Chelsey Lately show on E! channel
12 October 2007

9 October 2007 - TMZ TV

WGN Morning Show - 4 October 2007

Entertainment Tonight - 29 March 2007
Featured Lucy in their birthday section

TV Shows - 2006

Entertainment Tonight 15 September 2006 goes behind the scenes on Celebrity Duets and talks to the judges - Lucy features quite a bit although not interviewed
Click here to download video clip

EXTRA 14 September 2006 goes behind the scenes and talks to Simon Cowell about the success of Celebrity Duets, the incomprehensible Little Richard and Marie Osmond. Lucy is not interviewed but is featured quite a bit.
Click here to download video clip

Lucy was featured on Extra 9 September 2006 for brief moment and she sings for the camera. Part of a larger segment about celebrities turning to reality tv
Click here to dowload video clip
Contributed by Roger

EXTRA - 8 September 2006 Lucy is not interviewed but shown with Hal Sparks and Cheech Marin

Click here to download video clip
Contributed by LB

Lucy being goofy with Hal Sparks - E! News had a behind the scenes look of Celebrity Duets. The actual segment had no Lucy but the trailer did.

Click here to download E! News 8 September 2006


The Insider 7 September 2006 had an interview with Smokey Robinson about his duet with Lucy and Celebrity Duets.

Click here to download clip


ET did a review of Duets - although not focused on Lucy (it was focused more on Marie Osmond), Lucy is featured.

Download clip - 5.8 mb

Lucy was featured on Entertainment Tonight (14 August 2006) about Celebrity Duets - there is no interview just footage of Lucy from the Grammy Awards Party (8 February 2006) and promo footage for Celebrity Duets.Available in two versions - 320 x 240 and 640 x 480 wmv format

Celebrity Duets was featured on the tv show Access Hollywood 10 August 2006 - wmv format 1.6 mb
Brief mention of Lucy - Contributed by Julie

Lucy was featured on Entertainment Tonight - 29 March 2006
on the Birthday listing.

Download clip - wmv format | mov format


TV Shows - 2005


Inside TV Land: Ticked Pink - features Lucy as Xena

Clip 1 - Liz Friedman and Renee talk about Xena and what the show meant to the lesbian community
- Click here to download video


2005 Spacey Awards with Presenter Lucy Lawless

2 Video Clips from the Spacey Awards
or you can download a zipped file

Video Clips created by Earl Brown


Ultimate Super Heroes, Villains and Vixens on Bravo TV 27 May 2005 Video: 4 mb - wmv format - click to download | Contributed by Roger

TV Shows - 2004


Lucy was on CMT (US Country Music channel) talking about Tanya Tucker and her "bad a** attitude" - 29 October 2004

Download video of the short segment - wmv 1.68 mb


I Love the '90s - VH1 - Video Hits One" that looked at Xena and Hercuels -  9.95 mb - mpg Takes a look back at what made Xena and Hercules so special | Video by Mary

TV Revolution - Maids, Babes and Mothers - Xena/Sex and the City- 6 mb wmv format

TV Revolution - Maids, Babes and Mothers - Xena/Buffy
 - 6 mb wmv format

TV Revolution - Out of the Closet - 6 mb wmv format

Bravo TV show TV Revolution "Body Count" features interviews with both Liz Friedman and Steve Sears, plus Joss
Whedon on Buffy. Body Count explores the violence that television has brought into America's living rooms since its inception, be it real, fictional or something in-between.  wmv format  -5.32 mb

Lucy on NZ Idol - 2 May 2004 - Lucy appeared on the New Zealand version of Idol as a judge. There is 9 clips in all and the first is a short interview with Lucy. All clips are in wmv format

101 Reasons the '90s Ruled - #87
Xena: Warrior Princess
101 Reasons the '90s Ruled count downs what was hot in the 1990s and Xena is rated #87 Video format: wmv format Size: 3 mb Video by: Natalia

2 January 2004
Celebrities Uncensored - Episode #16 - Lucy is seen trying to get to her car but surrounded by autograph hunters and then forgets where she parked - wmv format - 8 mb

TV Shows - 2003


TV Shows - 2000

Politicially Incorrect with Bill Maher
- Guest Panelist 14 April 2011

TV Shows - 1999


Celebrity Deathmatch - Lucy Lawless & Callista Flockhart (from Ally McBeal) in a one side fight.
Very funny video - February 1999 23.7 mb in mpg format
Video contributed by: Sally Park

TV Shows - 1998


Lucy was a presenter at the NZ TV Guide Television Awards
November 1998