Lucy Lawless - Woman's Day 29 November 1993

Woman's Day

29 November 1993

Hairdo From Hell

Lucy LawlessActress Lucy Lawless says the most disastrous haircut she's ever had didn't particularly upset her... because she couldn't see the worst of it.

"One day, in a fit of blue funk, I went to this really arty hairdresser, who shall remain nameless, and said "Go for it."

"Technically, it was a good cut, but he also shaved out shapes up the back of my head." recards the presenter of Air New Zealand Holiday. "I wasn't too bothered because I couldn't see it, but a few other people didn't think much of it."

One of those not taken with Lucy's hairstyle was her then boyfriend, Garth, who "absolutely hated it". But it obviously didn't put him off Lucy. The couple have now been married for six years.





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