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Press Release

Statement from NBC and MCA TV Regarding Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess)

9 October 1996

Actress Lucy Lawless was injured yesterday (Oct. 8) when she fell from a horse after the animal lost its footing during the taping of a comedy sketch for "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."

Paramedics treated Lucy Lawless after the mishap outside "The Tonight Show" studio and transported her to a local area hospital, where she was hospitalized in stable condition with pelvic fractures.

During the show, Leno acknowledged the accident, saying, "Folks, on a serious note, Lucy Lawless, who plays "Xena: Warrior Princess" on a very popular syndicated show, was supposed to be a guest of ours on the program tonight. She came in this afternoon to tape a comedy bit with us and she got thrown from a horse right here in our parking lot and got some injuries. So she's laid up for a little while, I'm sorry to say, so she won't be with us tonight. From what I'm told, she's going to be fine. She's resting and we will have her back as soon as possible. I thank her for being a good sport and I'm sorry that happened, but we're going to keep you posted on how she is. It's terrible when those things happen. Okay, we'll check up this week and we'll let you know."