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USA Weekend Magazine

29 December 1996

Transcribed by J. Sandsmark

"Who's News" column by Lorrie Lynch

QUESTION -- I'm a fan of the striking Lucy lawless, whose syndicated action show, Xena: Warrior princess, seems to get more popular all the time. Has Lawless recovered from the awful spill she took not long ago while taping a skit on horseback for Jay Leno's Tonight Show? -- L.G. Fitzpatrick, Newark, Del.

ANSWER -- Lawless, whose pelvis was fractured in four places, says doctors are astounded at her progress. And though she looked terrific when she made a post-accident appearance on Leno's show, she tells us she was in pain: "I had
to lie down afterwards." Leno "was so nice to me" and his staff was "bloody fantastic" about handling medical insurance questions and such. Now at home in New Zealand, she swims as therapy. "My life has been on 'go slow.' I've had time to put my life in order, appreciate my mobility." Thousands of fans' get-well wishes have helped to cheer her. "I'm not an athlete," says Lawless, who nonetheless does most of Xena's stunts. "I was -- till this job -- uncoordinated."