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People Magazine

12 May 1997

The 50 Most Beautiful People In The World

Scans contributed by Roger


Hey, it's not like Amazon goddesses fall out of the trees every day. She's armed, charmed and as sexy as she is testy. We lesser mortals have no choice but to bow down before the camp vamp that is Xena: Warrior Princess. "I'm not an intimidating beauty," insists 29-year-old Lucy Lawless, the 5'11" New Zealander who fills Xena's micro-mini armor in the syndicated TV adventure.

"Half my hair's not even mine. They import a heap from Spain for me. The extensions are ghastly. No one can run their fingers through my hair."

The assets that do belong to the divorced mother of Daisy, 8, are "magnificent shoulders, beautiful arms, lovely cleavage and a beautiful face," says Xena costume designer Ngila Dickson. But ask Lawless what she likes best about herself, and you'll get a surprising reply.

"I have nice feet," she says. "Long and skinny, with long toes. I wear my dark silk lingerie and paint my toenails and I feel like a kept woman." Don't tell Hercules.