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SEXY XENA REVEALS horoscope said I'd be a big star
Star Magazine

Month Unknown 1997

Scanned/transcribed by MaryD

SEXY Lucy Lawless, the Amazon-like actress who stars in the hit adventure series Xena: Warrior Princess, says she knew she would became famous because it was written in the stars.
Lucy reveals that she was a single mom in New Zealand trying to make ends meet when she read her horoscope in the local paper.

"Fame and fortune await you," it said. "Overseas travel. This could be the big one. You'll get a call from overseas."
Statuesque brunette Lucy says: "I got the call to be Xena that day.

"I didn't even know about Xena. The role fell on me. Everyone the producers tried to give it to got sick or pulled out."
And a fortune teller predicted another dramatic moment in her life the fall she took during a taping of The Tonight Show last October, when the stunning actress broke her pelvis.

"When I was in Turkey during our last hiatus, we were told that a young girl the cousin of the wife of our guide had a prodigious talent for telling fortunes from coffee grounds," says Lucy.

"After the accident, my travelling companion came to see me in the hospital and said, 'How about that fortune teller? Remember how she said there would be a man with a big chin or a long face [Jay Leno] and that pain would be involved?' "