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TV Guide

November 22, 1997

Scans Contributed by Roger

As the best-looking sword-toting, leather-clad super heroine on TV, Lucy Lawless is a feminist icon for the 90's. "Xena is sexy but not in the way most people think," the New Zealand actress says of her role on the syndicated hit Xena Warrior Princess. Her character's appeal is that she's "complex, and ever changing," which is to say, Xena is a lot like Lawless herself. Balancing the demands of a relationship and motherhood with TV Stardom - as well as arecent Broadway turn as Rizzo in "Grease!" -- Lawless is too busy to take life as a warrior pinup seriously. "I'm not a sex symbol in my own house," she says. "I'm  boring old mom." Executive producer RJ Stewart disagrees: "Lucy combines beauty, wit, honesty and tons of soul - that's a very potent combination.