Woman's Day

February 1997


Gorgeous Kiwi actress Lucy Lawless is wowing them in the United States!

The star of popular series Xena : Warrior Princess stole the show during a promotional visit this month, useing her gladiator strength to ward off autograph hunters then transforming into an elegant beauty, dazzling guests at a showbiz event to meet American television executives.

Not a bronze warrior breastplate in sight, Lucy looked every bit a Hollywood superstar in a lavender jacket and purple mini-skirt at the convention of the National Association Of Television Programme Executives. Her presence attracted more interest than larger-than-life, outrageous TV
host Rosie O'Donnell who was also at the event.

The attention overwhelmed Lucy who was also swamped by fans at the sold-out inaugural Xena/Hercules convention in California recently.

"I can't believe all the fuss," she told reporters as fans all but dropped to their knees and worshipped her.

"She's amazing. There are very few women on television like Xena - she's funny and powerful," gushed one female fan after Lucy posed for a photograph with her.

Just days after delighting America, Lucy was back Down Under last week and hard at work on a new series of Xena.

Away from the cool American winter, the 28-year-old actress was happy basking in the heat on board a specially built warrior ship in secluded waters around Auckland.

Lucy laughed and joked with others in the cast and crew, obviously happy in her work.
Insiders say that having her close pal, executive producer American Rob Tapert, in her life makes all the difference for Lucy, who is still getting over her marriage break-up almost two years ago.

The pair are very close and so comfortable together that Rob stays at Lucy's suburban home when he is in New Zealand.