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People Magazine
February 16 double issue
Celebrity Style Secrets

16 February 1998 Issue

Top 10 Trendsetters '98
When these Hollywood notables head for the changing room, word gets out on the street

1. Lucy Lawless - Bangs

Xena: Warrior Princess arrived with a bang, and Lucy Lawless arrived with the bangs. Her do has become the kindest cut of the year. "I have young clients coming in all the time asking for the look," says New York City stylist Frederic Fekkai. For Lawless, 29, the clean-cut fringe is a matter of keeping what works. "I've had bangs since childhood," she says. And for swordplay, nothing could be better. "It's not a fashion statement," Lawless says. "In a good scrape, you don't want hair in your eyes."