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Satellite TV Europe

January 1998


She slept with Caesar and was then crucified by him. Dedicated to the cult of death she became the Destroyer of Nations. She knocked around with Goliath and Boadicea and her army once killed 10,000 men. And here are some things you didn't know about her alter ego Lucy Lawless.

She was once a gold miner in Australia. The ratio of men to women was 50:1 and she never found any gold.

She fractured her pelvis performing a stunt on The Tonight Show in the US.

She sang the national anthem at a Detroit hockey ground and one of her breasts popped out of her red, white and blue outfit. (I say!)

She is one of People magazine's SO Most Beautiful People In The World.

There are more than 60 Xena web sites.

She was once crowned Mrs New Zealand.

If she hadn't turned down a $60,000 tampon commercial in Oz she wouldn* have been available for the Xena auditions.

Lucy trained as an opera singer and has just completed a two-month run as Rizzo in Grease on Broadway.
The San Francisco Chronicle held a survey which asked children who they most wanted to be. Chelsea Clinton was first, Tiger Woods second and Xena third... followed by Darth Vader!

Until recently Star Trek was the most syndicated drama (i.e. the one bought by most TV companies round the world) for the past ten years, but Xena: Princess Warrior has just taken the crown.

Lucy on Xena: "We don't want to preach about all manner of subjects. Our show is kind of low maintenance and it doesn't demand a moral imperative. It's bloody straight out fun."