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Lawless In Love

TV Guide

21 February 1998

Scanned / Trascribed by MaryD

Lawless in Love

A 6-foot-3 vision in her fire-engine-red Armani and matching spike heels, Lucy Lawless (above) stops smiling when a visitor mentions the month of the Xena: Warrior Princess star's upcoming wedding. "Please don't use it," she pleads. "You don't know some of my fans; they'd travel anywhere to be there." Suffice it to say that the Kiwi actress and her fiance, Xena and Hercules executive producer Rob Tapert (above right), will tie the knot soon in an unspecified location. What she does reveal is that "quite a lot of odd people" want to appear on her syndicated series, including comic Buddy Hackett and singer k.d. lang.

"That would be thrilling," she says of the latter candidate. Considering that Xena has a devoted lesbian following, "everybody would love that." No word yet on what character lang might portray, but it won't be Sappho; the ancient Greek writer known for her love poems to women is already part of an upcoming episode. "She gets a hankering for Gabrielle, and Gabrielle doesn't know how to handle it," Lawless offers, laughing. So who will play Sappho? "It's someone quite well known," she quipsó Lawless herself. Better luck next time, Buddy. óReane Rudolph