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TV Scene
(Sunday Mail TV Magazine)

March 1998

Article from The Sunday Mail's TV Scene, Australia.

XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS might want to try a wardrode change for her new job as a reporter on HOLIDAY, Ten's new travel series hosted by Colette Mann and Rebecca LeTourneau.

Lucy Lawless, aka Xena, is reportedly thrilled to be on the HOLIDAY team, and her first report will be from the Cook Islands. The show will feature five Australian and international destinations each week. Let's hope Lucy ditches her chain-mail and
breastplate frocks or she could have a problem getting past airport security. The poor girl is going to have trouble enough, especially if her passport reads: Occupation - Warrior Princess.

[MaryD's Comments. This article is way off base. Lucy didn't do a new series but it's from a NZ show that Lucy did and they have borrowed the segments. I saw the first episode of this show and it looks to be a combination of NZ and Australian segments]