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9 February 1998

TV's Most Fascinating People 1998

9 February 1998

Lucy Lawless
"Xena:Warrior Princess"

"Who could have expected this kind of success?" ponders Auckland-based Lawless, 29, of her astral trajectory as Xena, history's most bodacious barbarian. "My Daughter [Daisy, 9] tries to pretend that Mum being Xena is a bit of a burden," says the 1.78m divorcee (she's engaged to Xena producer
Rob Tapert). "But I think she truly loves it." So do millions of fans in more than 50 countries where the NZ-filmed show airs. Last year, the Kiwi also proved she could carry a tune as gracefully as a sword, leaving the forest to star as - who else - tough chick Rizzo in the Broadway production of Grease. Still, Xena remains Lawless's signature character. "People are attracted to her masculine bent," says the actress. "Finally, a
women you can have a beer with."

The Buzz Just don't try arm-wrestling her for that beer. Watch Her Battling evil forces on Ten from Feb 14.

"Xena is threads of my character taken to extremes."
"Xena is a woman who doesn't rely on a man for help," says Lawless. "And
that's a good message for all."