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28 December 1998

Scanned/Transcribed by MaryD

Xena star has bought a fairytale mansion sparking rumours she is about to fill all those extra rooms with kids


What's a name befitting of a mythical princess - Eureka Drive.

While Lucy, 30, has always protested her reluctance to move 11-year-old daughter Daisy from her Auckland school, the actress believes her daughter may benefit from an education where being the child of a celebrity is the norm rather than the exception.

Lucy adds it wasn't great in the early days for Daisy to have a famous mum bouncing about on TV in a miniskirt and copper-plated bra.

"She's more comfortable with it these days. But for a long time she would hate me coming to her school because kids
would flock around me, yell out and bug her about me all day long. Now she's realised that Xena isn't going to turn my head away from her. Now she's proud of her mum. She realises that it's a very cool show," Lucy says.

Lucy and Rob's new purchase has further sparked rumours that a baby is soon on the way since she recently announced, "When the day comes that I present my husband with a baby, I feel our child should be largely raised in Rob's native country where all his family lives," says the actress who plans to become pregnant before her Xena contract expires in 2000.

"I can't say whether Auckland or the States will become my permanent home just yet," she says. "I am torn. Since my daughter needs me, Rob comes to join me more and more in New Zealand. He and I are together nine months a year. Besides that, we speak to each other two or three times each day. For the moment it works well, but we know that we will have to find another way.

"My daughter's father lives in New Zealand while my new husband lives in America. I can neither leave Daisy nor distance her from her father, who is a wonderful man," says Lucy, who admits that while she has become Mrs Rob Tapert in her private life, she will continue to use her ex-husband's name of Lawless for her professional career.

"I continue using the family name of my daughter Daisy's father, because I do not want her to feel abandoned," says Lucy who became pregnant by first husband Garth Lawless when she was a 19-year-old hitch-hiker.

"I am at a crossroad. I have all that a woman can desire - the man of my dreams, a daughter in good health who is happy, the role that I desired, nice clothes; however that does not fulfil me.

"I am on a spiritual quest. What is essential is that I be with people I love. I am waiting for a sign that will indicate to me what meaning I must give to my life," says the actress who says she wants at least two children with her new husband. My family and my husband are far more important to me than any movie role or career opportunity."