Inside Kung Fu

August 1999

Born to be a Champion

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Inside Kung Fu August, 1999 Born to Be a Champion - Doug Wong was Lucy's martial arts instructor - and there is a neat photo of her with his kids

The article is all about Travis Wong,  called Born to be a Champion.  The article is strictly martial arts...about Travis' beginnings as a toddler with his dad (some really cute photos of him doing karate when he could barely walk) and his chances as an internationally ranked competitor at his current age of 13.  There is stuff in the article about Doug Wong and Carrie Ogawa-Wong (Travis' dad and mom, both famous martial artists...says Doug is instructor to such television and movie notables as James Lew and Albert Leong...don't know them.  There isn't anything in the text of the article about Lucy.)



"Growing Up:  at left Travis and sisters Cassidy and Tia, with Xena star Lucy Lawless."  The date on the photo is 1995.