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She's So Sexy For Those Robes

TV Week

June 1999

Xena Warrior Princess

Xena (left) ditches the leathers and swords for jewels and swathes of soft fabrics when she journeys through India.

"This is just not me," she says of her new wardrobe.

But that's not the only change in store for the warrior woman. Xena (Lucy Lawless) and Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) lose their souls when they are sent into the future throught the power of Mehndi to protect their Karma from the reincarnated Alti (Claire Stansfield).

Gabrielle's soul is sent into the leader of an army, while Xena's is sent into an old woman, who is the leader of Peace.

Only after they complete their mission in the future can they come back to the present to fight the evil Alti.