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Woman's Day
(New Zealand)

8 November 1999

Meet Little Julius

Contributed by Liz

  Lucy and Rob introduce their bundle of joy to the cast and crew on the film set of Xena.

Pictures: TRANZ/Boris Nizon
Text: Unattributed

Cradling her two-week-old son in her arms, actress Lucy Lawless looks the picture of motherhood. The gorgeous Xena star proudly breastfed her precious wee son Julius and lavished him with kisses during an official photo shoot last week.

Lucy was determined to share her happiness - she wanted those close to her to meet her bundle of joy, so made a special visit to the Xena film set with executive producer husband Rob Tapert to show off Julius to the cast and crew.

Looking blissfully happy, the couple walked hand in hand carrying their young son in his car seat.

Lucy will return to the set in a month's time to begin filming a new series of the hit show. The kiwi star's pregnancy has been written into the script.