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1 June 2000

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Action Figures: The gods may have blessed them with athletic prowess, but TV's superwomen still have to do their share of crunches. Check out how these tough, beautiful babes stay ready to rumble.

Lucy Lawless Xena: Warrior Princess (syndicated)

As the fierce and fearless Xena, Lucy Lawless, 32, has kicked and leaped her way to fame. Today the warrior princess fights evil in an ancient land of gods and warlords--and rules a new generation of female action-adventure stars. Last October the 5'11" actress took on the role of mom to son Julius.

Getting back into fighting shape after having her baby was a battle Lawless faced with her usual gusto. "I do Pilates every day, as well as 300 of those nasty stomach crunches," she says. "I walk in the morning and I carry my baby, who is gigantic, and I also do free weights a few times a week." The show itself is quite a workout: Lawless does a lot of her own stunts, even learning kung fu and sword fighting for her role. She does not adhere to a particular diet, though she avoids sugar and most dairy products. Above all, Lawless says, Xena keeps her inspired. "I like playing a character who's strong and courageous. I have no visible male support. Just because a woman is strong doesn't mean she's not feminine."


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