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Break Out Magazine
(Dutch Magazine)

2 November 2000

Scan contributed by Priestess Charis
Translation by Petra de Jong (originally posted on the Chakram Mailing List)

Lucy Lawless, From A to...errr ..Xena

Bye Xena...

Lucy Lawless puts her leather underwear down and that is really too bad. Because where else can we find an amazon who worked in a goldmine and who does almost all her own stunts? "I don't mind stopping. That way the rats on the sets can't bite my face anymore"


Booo!! In April they will stop filming Xena: Warrior Princess and that's a disaster!! Because without the woman with the iron breastplate and the leather underwear life becomes much less interesting. With a hanky in our hand we one more time bring a salute to Lucy Lawless

Action figure
"Stars always complain that their action figure do not resemble them at all. What a crap! I'm really proud of the fact that there is a mini Xena in the stores. I even gave my daughter one"

Bungee jumping
"I jumped from a helicopter once. That was a 250 meter fall but I wasn't really impressed. When you're hanging that high above ground you don't feel like you're looking death in the eye. Unfortunately. I'd rather jump from bridges."

"My favorite weapon! You can do lots of things with it: shave your legs, clean the fish, slit someone's throat, draw a perfect circle... you can even wear it on your head."

"My most succesful accident. I never meant to be pregnant at 19 but I never had second thoughts about it. Daisy is 12 now and her brother Julius just turned one. One more and my family is complete"

"Everybody that comes from New Zealand wants to make a trip around the world in his or her life. I did that as well: grape picking in Germany, walking through Paris with my boyfriend... That's just natural when you're bungling down under."

"Xena's black hair comes from a jar. My own hair colour is ashblond."

"I worked in an Australian goldmine for a while. Cutting rocks from early morning to late afternoon, especially during winter it was though. It was wet, cold and I continually cut my hands."

"I tried to make it in the US but I never succeeded. I never got a normal part because they thought I was too tall"

"Xena's battle cry. In magazines it always says iyiyiyiyi but the correct pronunciation is alalalalal. It's based on the crying of Arabian women"

"I can't complain about my bank account but I don't do anything weird. I've always been an economical girl. When I grew up my father was a mayor. And I always thought that he had to pay for all the water that was used in town. When children at my school let the water running I said: "Stop it! You're wasting my father's water!"

Droppings (Dutch word starts with 'K' *G*)
"During an action scene I had to crawl through a tunnel in which there were so many rat droppings that I kept slipping away. And when I was almost through they dumped the rats on me! They were biting and got stuck in my hair. IT was really disgusting, I even had to get a tetanus shot"

"For years there have been rumours that Xena and Gabrielle are lovers, and we never denied that. The producers even played with it by letting them kiss each other. Of course, at that point I was in a man's body.."

Miss election
"In 1989 I became Miss New Zealand but that's not a title I'm proud of. Let's just say I was 19 and very stupid"

"I went to nun schools for year. That was kind of fun but I never really thought they were actual women. With those long dresses, I always was wondering if they had legs or not"

Underwear (that's the O *G*)
"The leather underwear I'm wearing is actually quite comfortable. It stays beautiful for a long time, it breaths and it feels better than latex."

"A couple of years ago I got a nude poster from a pornstar. There was a note attached to it with "I do it with women and with my husband. I love you!" No, I didn't go into that invitation"

"I do speak some French but not that good. I went to university for a year and studied Italian, German and French. But when you're 17 you don't want to spend another 4 years in school."

"When people meet me for the first time they often are disappointed. They think I'm a giant and that I have to bend to get into a room and they think I have huge breasts. Not true at all. The secret is that we use small people for the other roles "Smiles

"He's a nerd. Xena will beat him within a minute. She would say: "Look, somebody stole your cape" And then she puts him back in the phone booth"

"What I like best about my body? My feet. ANd I really mean that! I have beautiful toes"

"My nickname in school. It's short for uncoordinated. I sucked at sports. I always was the last one to be chosen for softball and volleyball"

"There is a Playstation game of Xena but I'm not good at it. I always walk into walls and stuff"

Xena: Warrior Princess
"In April we'll finish up. It really is sad because the last couple of years were the best of my life. But all good things come to an end and maybe it's better this way. Now I can start doing other stuff."