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Cinescape Magazine

November 2001


"On the other hand, I was
Shannon McMahon (guest star Lucy Lawless) in the "Nothing Important" episode of the 2-part ninth season premiere of THE X-FILES. © 2001 

Fox really engaged by the presence of Lucy Lawless who plays the mysterious Shannon McMahon. Forget the fact that we get to see her walking around butt-naked most of the episode. Thereís something fascinating about a woman who can breath underwater and cause mayhem ñ and she just happens to be a former Warrior Princess too, so genre fans should have something to perk up their ears as well. The character too has a secret, but weíll be kind and not reveal the resolution here. Letís just say though, if they can find a way to keep her in the mix this season, it might be a satisfactory way of keeping audience attention during this yearís likely muddled mythology arcs."