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Cult Times
Issue #74

November 2001

Lawless Underwater


Lucy Lawless has spoken about her role in the new season of The X-Files. She told reporter Ian Spelling, "My character, Shannon McMahon, re-enters Doggett's life. They used to be in the military together - in my back-story, they fought in Beirut - and now she's causing a great deal of trouble. You don't know if she's good, and you don't know if she's bad. She seems to be both things at once." She also revealed, "I spent half my time naked. Why not, if it looks good on-screen? Of course, you don't see anything, except my well-endowed body double. Let's just say the character's a bit of a water baby, a water babe. She's a nymph." Lawless was unprepared to disclose anything further because "Chris Carter will come after me, and I'll end up with bloody cement boots on my feet at the bottom of the ocean if I tell you too much." McMahon brings information relating to Scully's baby and it is believed she will be seen in other episodes during the season.