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July 2001

X-Files Recruits Lawless

IT'S STILL IMPOSSIBLE to get a straight answer out of anybody regarding the future of The X-Files beyond Season Nine, but an interesting piece of casting has been revealed. According to E! Online, Xena: Warrior Princess star Lucy Lawless has been signed up for two episodes this season, with the way left open for more.

The show's producers are keeping quiet about what her role will be, exactly: "We think we've found an interesting and unexpected way to have her join The X-Files family," was all that executive producer Frank Spotniz would say on the matter. Popular speculation is that she will be introduced as Agent Reyes' girlfriend (unlikely given the arrival of The Princess Bride's Cary Elwes as her ex), Gillian Anderson's replacement (possible) or, indeed, both. The wildest story came from Britain's Daily Star, which insisted Lawless will be the new romantic interest for a bereft Scully, following Mulder's departure!

Anderson has given conflicting reports of the likelihood of her staying on should the series continue, and drafting Lawless in might be a sound plan, as it would fit in with the X-Files tradition of off-the-wall casting, whilst putting a solid lead actress at the centre of the show. Knowing Carter and co, though, that's probably exactly what they won't do.