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14 November 2001

Lawless, the lethal mystery woman

Even with Mulder headed for parts unknown, the new season of The X-Files is getting crowded. The two-part season opener guest-stars Lucy Lawless as a lethal mystery woman and Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride) as a by-the-book FBI bigwig, reports the American online entertainment magazine,

Lawless' character may provide a crucial clue about The X-Files, but the greater mystery is whether she'll be returning after the two-parter. "I'm not at liberty to say right now, but I'm certain the door's been opened," hints last year's newbie Robert Patrick (Doggett).

But fans shouldn't fear that The X-Files will totally lose the spirit of David Duchovny, who left last year.

"It's becoming a real ensemble, but Mulder's DNA is all over this show," says Patrick. "Doggett, who's starting to feel like an island within the FBI himself, is closer to Mulder right now than almost anybody else."

Like Mulder before him, Doggett will find himself knee-deep in conspiracy in the season-opener. "We needed to make this a two-parter, almost like a movie, because of the way last season ended," he says. "We had to deal with the birth of Scully's baby, and we got into the super soldiers."

Though viewers will get some answers about Scully's spawn and the genetically modified warriors, fans wondering what happened to Duchovny's character won't find any clues in the premiere.

Scully, the key to Mulder's whereabouts, is keeping her mouth firmly shut. "It's classic Chris Carter [the show's creator], keeping you on the edge of your seat," Patrick promises.

Though the plots will dig into the series' familiar mythology, the office romances afoot are new. Elwes' character, assistant director Brad Follmer, is an old boyfriend of agent Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish).

But don't expect another Love Cruise. Considering Follmer's bureaucratic style, he will inevitably clash with his ex as she investigates and questions the FBI hierarchy.

Meanwhile, if you suspected that a crush had been kindled between Scully and Doggett last season, you may be on to something.

"Doggett's been impressed with her from the moment she threw water in his face," says Patrick. "He loves her in a gentlemanly way, but knows that she's spoken for, so he's laidback."

Mulder's absence may provide an opportunity for his X-Files successor, but the sparks flying between Scully and Doggett in the first episode are fractious ones.

"It's a shocking thing for my character," says Patrick. "Her behaviour's so odd, so not Scully."


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