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Wonder Girls

Who Weekly Magazine

28 May 2001

Evil-doers beware. Soon Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man, George Clooney's Batman and Christopher Reeve's Superman will be joined by a new Hollywood super-hero: Wonder Woman. But before she kapows the crooks, there's another battle brewing as some formidable femmes vie to don the spangly leotards. Sandra Bullock believes she fits the bill.

Her spokeswoman says the star, riding a popularity wave thanks to Miss Congeniality, has met with Warner Bros about starring in a Wonder Woman flick. But some of showbiz's bustiest brunette bruisers are pushing their own claims. Former warrior princess Lucy Lawless tells Scoop she'd love to lasso the role (famously embodied by former Miss WorldóUSA Lynda Carter in the '70s TV series), provided the character was a more interesting "flawed hero."

Wrestler Chyna is less interested in depth of character than depth of make-up, saying she most admires the superheroine's "red lipstick and beautiful black hair." But she seems positively pugilistic in her pursuit of the part: "Come hell or high water, I'm going to make them notice me."