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Woman's Day

 7 May 2001

Many thanks to Kiwi Attic for the scans and transcript


Can this sneering, scary, scruffy punk really be our very own queen of chic, Lucy Lawless?  With her gorgeous figure hidden beneath a revolting riffped fishnet top and tatty tartan shorts, and her trademark long black hair covered by a spiky brown wig, lovely Lucy is happy to ugly up for her cameo role in the new Spiderman movie.

As a punk prncess, the 33-year-old still gets to play a tough chick with attitude, just like Xena, but this time the metalware is a ring in her nose rather than a sword in her hand.  Insiders close to the actress say Lucy loves showing her mean side in the movie, which is being made by her husband and former Xena producer Rob Tapert.  To film her frightening cameo, the Kiwi star had to jet to New York, but didn't mind as it meant time with Rob.

Spiderman is not the only superhero in Lucy's life now she has finished Xena.  The statuesque actreee is strongly tipped to be Wonderwoman in a new movie based on the hit television show.